Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 28

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 28

"What a terrifying aura, could it be that this chaotic body has broken through? How is this possible..."

In Lin Ruyin's arms, the Qingxuan Ancient Sword trembled violently again, and under Shi Chen's coercion, she couldn't help but want to escape.

"What happened?"

Lin Ruyin still didn't know anything about Shi Chen's changes.

The sword spirit said, "Maybe it's my illusion, the chaotic body has just undergone some kind of amazing change, and it seems to have broken through the realm and obtained the power with the aura of 'destruction'. "

Lin Ruyin shook her head repeatedly, "It's impossible, this is the initial place of the Void Heaven Realm, it can only accommodate the cultivators of the Blood Realm, and I have never heard of anyone who can break through to the Cave Heaven Realm here." "

"You're right, even if the Chaos Body is domineering, it is impossible to break the rules in the Void Realm now, perhaps, there is really a problem with my perception."

The voice of the sword spirit came again, with a bit of confusion.

Even if she is ancient and has seen more, after all, she has never seen a real chaotic body, and naturally she can't guess that Shi Chen has indeed broken through the realm, but it is not the Cave Heaven Realm, but the Blood Moving Realm.

At this moment, unprecedented turmoil occurred in heaven and earth, and endless rule qi surged from all directions, forming a dazzling chaos stone stele.

This Chaos Stone Stele was even larger than the Chaos Stone Stele that had manifested before, and it was hundreds of feet tall, like a mountain.

As the divine light continued to converge, lines of golden words appeared on the stele, accompanied by rumbling heavenly sounds, resounding throughout the Void Heaven Realm:

"The initial new record was born, the most conquered, the power of one person to kill the entire ferocious beast area, flatten the core area!"

"The first person to completely conquer the initial land of the Void Heaven Realm since the establishment of the Void Heaven Realm, and he has a monument as proof!"

"Record Creator, Heavenly Emperor!"

"Reward one Heavenly Emperor chariot."

The Void Heavenly Sound sounded three times, but the Chaos Stone Stele did not disappear as before, but the divine light became more and more prosperous, the stele became more and more solidified, and finally turned into a real divine monument and crashed to the ground.


A huge explosion resounded throughout the audience, and in the middle of this core area, a stone monument hundreds of feet high appeared.

The four lines of text engraved on the stele were exactly the contents of the Void Divine Voice just now, proving that Shi Chen was the first person to conquer the initial land of the Void Heaven Realm since the establishment of the Void Heaven Realm.

Monument as proof!

Since the establishment of the Void Realm, there have been countless records, but this has never happened.

Xiangfeng, Xiong Qingshan, Nangong Xue, Lin Ruyin and other followers couldn't help but be deeply shocked in their hearts when they looked at the golden stone tablet that went straight into the sky.

The erection of the monument means that this is a record that future generations can never break, a record that is destined to exist forever in the Void Heaven Realm.

No matter how many tens of thousands of years have passed, as long as the Void Realm still exists, as long as there are still people in this initial place, when they arrive at this core area, they will see this stone stele.

They would know that there was a genius named 'Heavenly Emperor' ten thousand years ago, who single-handedly leveled the entire core area and was the first existence to conquer the initial land of the Void Heaven Realm.


"Whoops! It's so devilish! "

"The Heavenly Emperor actually wiped out all the fierce beast lords in the core area and killed the entire fierce beast area!"

"Unbelievable, that's the core area, all of them are fierce beast lords of the Spirit Realm, so vulnerable?"

In the Beast Hunting City, everyone looked at the scene manifested in the void mirror, listening to the divine sound in the void, and they all completely boiled.

"Monument as proof! This card is too big, no matter how evil Tianjiao appears in the future, this record is impossible to break. "

Uncle Lingbi's mouth was like a river, and it seemed that no amount of words could express the excitement in his heart.

"No way! Who let the Little Heavenly Emperor be the first person to conquer the initial land of the Void Heaven Realm, even if someone else does this later, it is only the second person, which is not a record. "

Some people shook their heads and sighed, feeling that Shi Chen took advantage of the big advantage, and the monument was proof of it, this is a card that has left a name for eternity, it is too jealous.

"Bah! I don't know how many tens of thousands of years have passed since the establishment of the Void Heaven Realm, if someone can really do this at this time, where will it be the turn of the Heavenly Emperor? The Heavenly Emperor is a unique existence in this realm. "

Someone loudly retorted, which immediately received a lot of support

"What does this Void Realm mean? Unexpectedly rewarded a Heavenly Emperor chariot, could it be that even the Void Heaven Realm recognized the Chaotic Body as the 'Heavenly Emperor' of this realm? "

Uncle Hammer made a shocking remark, which also made everyone react.

Oh, yes!

The reward of the Void Heaven Realm is really exquisite.

The chaotic body is called the Heavenly Emperor, and as a result, the Void Heaven Realm rewards the 'Heavenly Emperor Chariot', isn't this supporting the chaotic body and confirming the name of the chaotic body's 'Heavenly Emperor'?

However, most of them are in agreement.

From the initial ridicule, to awe, to now, Shi Chen has conquered most people with absolute strength, recognizing him as the supreme of this realm, the Heavenly Emperor.

"It seems that from now on, the name of the Heavenly Emperor will be resounded throughout the Great Wilderness."

The goddess of war shook her head, she really couldn't believe that someone could establish her invincible name in the entire wilderness in one day.

But that's what happened before her eyes. The name of the young Heavenly Emperor, Shi Chen deserved it.

Especially as soon as this chaos stone tablet was erected, in the endless years since, those amazing Tianjiao fought desperately into the core area, and what they saw would only be this stone tablet that proved the strength of the Heavenly Emperor.

This is a kind of atmospheric luck.

The mysterious world established by the gods in the Void Realm has its own protection from the gods, and the monument is proof that it represents the recognition of Shi Chen by the gods, which is absolutely of great significance.

"This is already the ninth record, right? The chaotic body can get the reward of the Void Realm alone, which is really infuriating. "

Yan Linger crossed her hands and said angrily, her big black eyes full of envy and jealousy.

Who let Shi Chen make a lot of money, but she lost a lot of Lingbi because of this.


"A grain of dust can fill the sea, a grass can cut off the sun, moon and stars, and turn the world upside down with a snap of your fingers."

"Now I finally understand the meaning of this sentence."

Shi Chen silently felt the drop of pure golden essence blood in his body, and all kinds of feelings surged into his heart.

Who would have thought that this small drop of essence blood contained a full 30 million catties of power!

This is the benefit of realm breakthroughs.

Not only did he condense the qi and blood power stored in one hundred and eight heavenly veins, but it also increased by three times.

Although now this drop of essence blood cannot cut off the sun, moon, and stars, nor can it fill the sea.

But releasing it, crushing a mountain or drying up a giant lake is no problem.

And this was only the beginning of Shi Chen's cultivation.

As long as he continues to polish this drop of essence blood, one day he can crush a world like true immortal essence blood, and it will not die for eternity.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 28

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