Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 24

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 24

"Sister Jianling, are we going too far?"

On the giant lake, Lin Ruyin, who had just finished pretending, said with some worry.

She could clearly feel that the eyes of the other followers were different, especially Xiangfeng, who looked like he was about to eat her.

"Don't worry."

"I didn't make a move before because I was afraid that you would be too eye-catching and arouse the suspicion of others."

"But now it is a follower of the Chaos Body, if it is too mediocre, it will be disliked, it is better to show its strength."

"You think about your master's strength, even if you do too much, can you have him excessively?"

The sword spirit said very lightly.

Lin Ruyin thought about it, she was afraid that any demon in the world would become normal in front of Shi Chen, so she was relieved.

At this moment, the corpse of the Jiao Salamander Beast King under her feet suddenly burst out with a burst of light, and a mini Jiao Salamander flew out of it.

Shi Chen on the chariot had already been prepared, and as the divine skill operated, a hell furnace appeared behind him.

I saw a tide of essence rushing out of the furnace, rolling towards the mini salamander, and sucking it into the furnace.

The mini salamander also tried to break free, but after only a moment's effort, it was completely refined by the furnace, turning into pure spiritual energy and pouring into Shi Chen's body.

"Sure enough!"

Shi Chen felt that his cultivation had obviously increased a little, and he couldn't help but show excitement.

He had been observing and found that the self-born ferocious beasts of the Void Heaven Realm were not flesh and blood, but were composed of pure aura, which was why they were able to ignore the limitations of the Void Heaven Realm.

Once killed, the corpses of these ferocious beasts will re-transform into aura and return to the Void Heaven Realm, waiting for the opportunity to transform into ferocious beasts, so the ferocious beasts of the Void Heaven Realm will never be killed.

For others, killing the ferocious beast will not gain any benefits, but Shi Chen is different.

His hell furnace can refine everything in the world, and theoretically everything that contains spiritual energy is his tonic medicine.

Of course, this can only be aimed at the Beast King.

Ordinary ferocious beasts are composed of aura, and when they die, they dissipate directly, and they don't have time to collect them.

The beast king is transformed into essence by spiritual energy, and will exist in the form of essence for a period of time after death, such as the mini salamander just now.

At this time, he could use the Hell Forge to absorb the Beast King's essence and transform it into spiritual qi to enhance his cultivation.

To him, these beast kings are a great tonic for moving aura.

How many Beast Kings are there in the Ferocious Beast Zone? There are simply no more to count!

Today, the major forces are only active in the periphery of the ferocious beast area, and the inner area is the real beast king paradise.

"The host! This spirit mine resource point has been taken, let's hurry up and go to the next resource point. "

Xiangfeng flew back to the chariot and shouted impatiently.

He really wants to go crazy, his own pure-blooded primeval fierce beast, the little elephant emperor of the white jade god and elephant clan, as a follower, there are people who press him? How can this be tolerated?

But Lin Ruyin was a follower of Shi Chen like him, and he was not easy to target, so he could only vent his anger on the fierce beast.

Shi Chen said flatly: "The ferocious beast here is too weak, and there is no intention to kill it, go directly to the inner area." "

What the?

This sentence startled everyone.

The inner area, where is the paradise of the beast king, the beast king, which is rare in the outer area, is almost everywhere in the inner layer.

Even the black-clothed guards changed their faces, and even after bloody battles, they were not sure of surviving in the inner area.

"Good! Just go to the inner area! "

Xiangfeng was the first to agree.

His fighting spirit is very high now, and he will challenge the difficult ones, vowing to suppress Lin Ruyin and sit on the throne of the first follower.

"Then let's go."

Shi Chen ignored Long Yuanjiang, Xiong Qingshan, and the others with ugly faces, and directly commanded the black-clothed guard to march to the inner layer.

Just glanced at Lin Ruyin casually.

The sword spirit in the Qingxuan Ancient Sword did not escape his perception.

And he could feel that the soul in this sword was not a simple sword spirit, although the origin was seriously damaged, there was a breath of the Immortal Ancient Era, which must come from the Upper Realm.

This made him sigh that the sky was indeed arrogant in the wilderness.

This Lin Ruyin comes with a sword spirit with an amazing origin, which is simply a typical portable grandfather flow protagonist template.

The chariot set sail, roared, and rushed straight into the inner area.

This scene manifested in the Void Mirror, causing an uproar again.

"The inner layer, Xiao Tiandi and his party went to the inner area, and sure enough, for him, the difficulty of the outer layer is too low!"

Some people exclaimed loudly, but most of them were not surprised, expecting that Shi Chen would not stay only on the periphery.

In fact, in previous beast hunting conferences, there will be Tianjiao trying to hunt in the inner layer.

It's just that without exception, they will escape in embarrassment, and some will simply die inside.

"The inner layer and the outer layer are completely different, almost all of them are beast kings, see how long this little heavenly emperor can last."

Uncle Hammer put the hammer on his shoulder, looking lively.

"It is said that at the last beast hunting conference, someone saw the beast king of the nine-hole heaven in the inner layer, which can be called a different species, and the limit of the pure-blooded primeval fierce beast in the cave heaven realm is only so, if the little heavenly emperor sees it, he can only run away."

Uncle Lingbi enthusiastically popularized science to everyone, and then took out a wad of talisman paper and shouted: "It's open!" It's open! Bet that the Little Heavenly Emperor can hold out in the inner layer for a few hours! Buy it and leave it! "

Some people listened to the Beast King with nine holes in the inner layer, and their minds came alive one by one, and they all went to bet.

In their opinion, no matter how strong the chaotic body is, it can't defeat the fierce beast at the limit of the Cave Heaven Realm in the Blood Realm, right?

Not to mention that there are many beast kings of this level in the inner layer.


The goddess of war stood against the wind, and the golden armor emitted treasure light, showing great mercy to those who placed bets.

This chaotic body created a record of 'the most powerful', punching out 50 million catties of divine power.

What is this concept?

Even the Beast King at the limit of the Cave Heaven Realm could not have such terrifying power.

However, if it is besieged by many beast kings, it may not be without the possibility of defeat.

"Chaotic body, let me see where your limits are."

The goddess of war muttered, her eyes full of expectation.

"Inner area? Hehe, if he is really a heroic young man, His Majesty also broke into the inner area back then. "

The old woman beside Yan Linger said with a smile.

Yan Linger's eyes lit up and she said curiously, "Is the inner area really dangerous?" "

"It's very dangerous, if the pure-blooded primeval fierce beast doesn't know how to advance or retreat, it may also die inside."

"Back then, His Majesty also fought bloody battles for a long time before escaping."

"People who have entered the inner region for generations, no matter how evil they are, I have not heard of anyone who can calmly retreat."

The old woman said slowly.

Yan Linger's beautiful eyes flashed and clapped her hands: "Great!" Then I'll buy a lot too! "

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 24

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