Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 22

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 22

"Little Heavenly Emperor? What about the Little Heavenly Emperor? "

Not long after Shi Chen and his party left, Uncle Lingbi, Uncle Hammer and other people from the primordial passage rushed over, looking for Shi Chen everywhere as soon as they came.

Although they expected that Shi Chen's place must be very lively, they still underestimated Shi Chen's tossing ability.

On the way here, they received three records breaking divine sounds from Shi Chen in a row.

Once is the most heads-up!

Once is the most powerful!

Once is the most cure!

This made them very sad that they could not witness it with their own eyes, and they couldn't wait to inquire about the situation.

"What? The Little Heavenly Emperor is really the chaotic body of the Shi Kingdom, and he killed the pure-blooded primeval fierce beast White Jade Divine Elephant with one punch? "

Uncle Lingbi's eyes widened, feeling that his little heart was a little unbearable.

"It turns out that the Little Heavenly Emperor has a record of 'the most powerful' when he fought with the White Jade Divine Elephant, and one punch of 50 million jin of divine power is really a demon."

Uncle Hammer shook his head repeatedly, he thought that there would be a pure-blooded descendant of the primeval fierce beast to give this bear child a little color, but now it seems that he can't count on it.

"The person who can make Shi Yi so in awe, this little Heavenly Emperor should be the chaotic body of Shi Country, but I can't imagine that even the Tianjiao of the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan was accepted by him and became his follower."

The goddess of war learned all the situation through the disciples of Chao Lu Mountain here, and couldn't help but feel shocked in her heart.

The legendary invincible physique chaotic body was really born.

And here it shows a more terrifying power than the original passage.

In particular, the fact of accepting the elephant peak of the White Jade God Elephant Clan as a follower made the goddess of war really can't believe it.

She knew very well how proud these pure-blooded primeval fierce beasts were, especially since this elephant peak was still the Tianjiao of the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan, and the strength of the flesh had reached the limit of the Blood Moving Realm.

Such a character, in the future, must be a powerful man in the great wilderness, even the human emperor can not respond to its edge, but is willing to become a follower?

The goddess of war was puzzled, and she only wished that she had not been able to witness this scene with her own eyes.

"Are you sure that this little Heavenly Emperor first killed the white jade divine elephant with one punch, then saved the white jade divine elephant, and finally let the white jade divine elephant be willing to be a follower?"

Yan Linger found the personnel of Yan Guo here, but after listening to the other party's words, she couldn't believe it.

"Demon, it's really too demon, it seems that the rumors about the invincibility of the Chaos Body World are not false, and the Great Desolation has produced such a demon, I am afraid that even the upper realm will be alarmed."

The old woman in charge of protecting Yan Linger muttered with a solemn expression, knowing that what was at stake at this time was very important.

Yan Ling'er stared, still unable to accept it, and pouted: "This white jade divine elephant is too spineless, not to mention losing, and really being a follower of the Little Heavenly Emperor, it is simply the shame of the ancient ferocious beast." "

Having said that, her heart was full of envy, it was a pure-blooded primeval fierce beast, traveling with such a follower, it was simply not too majestic.

The old woman said, "The princess doesn't know something." As far as the old body knows, that Xiangfeng is not an ordinary disciple of the White Jade God and Elephant Clan, it seems to be the only son of the contemporary White Jade God Elephant Emperor, the hope of this generation of the White Jade God and Elephant Clan. "


Yan Linger was even more shocked, Xiangfeng was the only son of the White Jade God Elephant Emperor, wasn't that the future White Jade God Elephant Emperor?

"Hehe, wait and see. When this news came back, the entire Taikoo Divine Mountain was going to shake, even if the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan had no opinion, the other Taigu Fierce Beast Clans would not accept it. "

The old woman said with a smile, looking like she wanted to see the liveliness.

The maid beside Yan Linger stepped forward carefully and asked, "Princess, that little Heavenly Emperor has already gone to the hunting ground, shall we still follow?" "

Yan Linger shook her head repeatedly, "I haven't reached the limit of the Blood Moving Realm now, so I won't participate in the Beast Hunting Conference, and we can see the scene of the Beast Hunting Conference here." "

Just as her words fell, a slight ripple suddenly appeared in the void, as if a mirror spread out.

The picture in the mirror is the hunting ground, and at this time, tens of thousands of hunting teams have gathered, each of which is impressive.

Yan Ling'er saw that the maid was still confused, so she said triumphantly: "What do you think these forces are working hard to participate in the Beast Hunting Conference for?" "

"In addition to training juniors, the main purpose is to compete for various mineral resources in the ferocious beast area."

"So every hunting party wears a spirit card with it, recording all the scenes along the way as evidence."

"Which hunting team occupies the spirit mine resources first, other hunting teams cannot compete during the beast hunting conference."

"This is also a means to avoid infighting, and no one cares about it after the Beast Hunting Conference."

"However, those large mineral resource points are guarded by the beast king of the Cave Heaven Realm, and it is not so easy to take them."

As a wasteland power, Yan Guo naturally would not miss the Beast Hunting Conference, so Yan Linger was very clear about the doorway in it.

The maid nodded as if she didn't understand, and blinked, "So you can see that little heavenly emperor from this mirror?" "

"That's right! The picture of each hunting party will be presented in this void mirror, which is also a way for the public to supervise. "

Yan Linger answered her while flickering her beautiful eyes to find it in the mirror picture.

"Found it!"

Soon, Yan Linger locked the target.

But all she saw was the emperor phantom manifested by Shi Chen, and the body was hidden in it, and there was no way to peek at it.

"How petty!" Yan Linger snorted, very dissatisfied with not being able to see Shi Chen's body.

On Bai Yuchen's car, Mu Jiuhuang was also looking at the Void Mirror, but he was a little absent-minded.

Seeing this, the maid next to her comforted: "Your Royal Highness, don't worry, there is not only one Tianjiao in the chaotic body in this world, maybe there is another Tianjiao who has emerged in the Beast Hunting Conference." "

These words made Mu Jiuhuang's heart move.

Oh, yes!

The Beast Hunting Conference gathers the Tianjiao of all races in the Great Wilderness, and every time there are Tianjiao sons born in the sky, the fame is shocking, but it is not the stage of the chaotic body alone.

"You're right, I don't believe that the Supreme of the World is only that chaotic body, maybe someone at the hunting conference can crush him."

Mu Jiuhuang regained his spirits and looked at the Void Mirror with his eyes shining.

Although she knew very well in her heart that this hope was very slim, she was just comforting herself.

"Let's go!"

Someone exclaimed, and in an instant everyone in the audience stopped talking and looked towards the Void Mirror.

Most of the people's eyes were focused on the Martial King chariot that Shi Chen was riding.

They all wanted to see what shocking feats this chaotic body, which never played cards according to the routine, would do this time.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 22

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