Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 21

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 21


Unbeatable shock!

This spiritual image subverts the world view and racial view of the white jade god elephant!

After listening to the divine voice, he only had one thought, that is, he must practice this divine skill and become the god-elephant master who suppressed the gods and gods like in the image.


In front of everyone's eyes, the white jade divine elephant knelt directly on the ground and said loudly: "The disciple of the white jade divine elephant clan, Xiangfeng, is willing to be a follower of the Heavenly Emperor and see the master." "

What's going on?

The white jade god knelt like this, which startled everyone in the audience.

In their opinion, who did not hear the divine voice, the white jade divine elephant was imposing one second, and went to death in a second and knelt directly in the next second.

What's the fuss about?

Could it be that the pure-blooded primeval ferocious beast really wanted to become a follower? Or a follower of a Terran toddler?

This is something that the Great Wilderness has not had for millions of years.

Especially in front of him, this white jade god elephant has a pure bloodline, obviously he is the proud son of the generation of the white jade god elephant clan, and the white jade god elephant clan is also a big clan, and it is the king and hegemonic among the ten thousand demon clans of the ancient sacred mountain.

Everyone can already imagine that if this news spreads, it will definitely shake the entire wilderness.

"The white jade god elephant surrendered?"

Mu Jiuhuang showed a look of surprise, and even the image of the goddess that she had been trying to maintain almost collapsed.

She was well aware of the status of the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan among the Ten Thousand Demon Clans of the Ancient Divine Mountain, and even many pure-blooded Primeval Fierce Beast tribes were looking for it.

If she could still be a little self-conscious in the face of other primeval relics, she didn't have any confidence in the face of the white jade divine elephant.

With the strength of the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan, with just one order, it can destroy the heyday Tianlan Ancient Kingdom.

She had always been thoughtful, and she knew very well that the sudden change in attitude of this White Jade Divine Elephant Clan Tianjiao must have been something Shi Chen had done.

It's just that she really can't think of what conditions Shi Chen can prescribe to make Xiangfeng, who is a pure-blooded primeval fierce beast, submit without hesitation.

This couldn't help but make her feel a little more in awe of Shi Chen.

The more she came into contact, the more she felt that Shi Chen's unfathomable depth could not be measured by common sense at all.

"Good, you get up."

Shi Chen said flatly, and the transformation of the object peak was not surprising.

No one knows better than him how terrifying the Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong is, this is a dominant-level divine skill, and it is not comparable to a supreme martial art at all.

Even if it was him, so far, he had only cultivated slightly through the power of thunder he absorbed, and he only had a layer of fur.

As for why he didn't practice deeply, it was not that Shi Chen's comprehension was not enough, but that the consumption of this Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong was too great.

Domination-level exercises, strong is strong, and the consumption of resources is almost a black hole, which is difficult to satisfy.

His chaotic body had a total of one hundred and eight heavenly veins, and the resources he originally needed were thousands of times that of ordinary Tianjiao, and if he condensed the giant elephant particles, it would not be enough to eat the entire Martial King Mansion.

But Xiangfeng is different, the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan is the overlord of the Taikoo Divine Mountain, and it has existed for countless years, and the depth of the foundation is far from comparable to the Wuwang Mansion, and even the heritage of the entire Shi Country is not worth mentioning in front of the White Jade Divine Elephant Clan.

With this profound background, it was enough for Xiang Feng to cultivate the first layer of the Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong.

Unless Xiangfeng is crazy, it is impossible to give up this heaven-defying opportunity.


Xiang Feng straightened up, shrunk his body to the size of a zhang, ignored everyone's strange eyes, and walked behind Shi Chen.

It is indeed a shame for the pure-blooded primeval fierce beast to be a follower, and if it is transmitted back to the clan, I am afraid that he will be angry with his patriarch father half to death.

But after seeing the power of "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong", he no longer cared about these at all.

After all, the Great Wilderness is still strength is respected!

When he achieves great success, whoever dares to laugh at him will directly punch him.


Xiang Feng glanced at Shi Chen's back in awe, this was an existence that could kill him with one punch, and it was completely qualified to be his master.

In this self-brainwashing, Xiangfeng's loyalty to Shi Chen skyrocketed, even surpassing several other Taigu Relic followers.

"It's time for the beast hunting conference, everyone gather in front of the beast hunting ground!"

At this moment, a magnificent voice came from all directions.

Shi Chen also happened to finish selecting followers, immediately nodded, faced Long Yuanjiang, Lin Ruyin and the others, and said quietly: "Prepare to go." "


Xi Bo, Xiong Qingshan, and the others all shouted excitedly, one by one.

This was the first battle in which they became followers, and they all wanted to behave well in front of Shi Chen.

Even Xiangfeng rolled up his sleeves and prepared to do a big job, so as to please Shi Chen and pass on his supreme divine skill as soon as possible.

The black-clothed guard sent by King Wu had already arrived, and seeing that Shi Chen was about to come out, he immediately released the chariot.

This chariot is also extraordinary, it is a treasure tool of the King of Wu, made of divine gold throughout, inscribed with various runes on the surface, and instantly turned into dozens of zhang in size, with a large flag inserted at the head, engraved with a large 'Wu' character, fluttering in the wind.

Shi Chen took all his followers to board the chariot, and before leaving, he casually glanced at Mu Jiuhuang.

Even if the two lives were people, Shi Chen had to admit that this Mu Jiuhuang had the appearance of a country and a city, which was rare in the world.

And he also saw that Mu Jiuhuang had the origin qi of the holy phoenix, and he should have been full of luck, and the divine phoenix sounded in the rivers and mountains, and if there was another ancient imperial dynasty as the support, he would be able to rise up and push the world.

But it's a pity that the Holy Phoenix Qi luck on Mu Jiuhuang's body has been plundered, only a wisp of Origin Qi remains, and the dragon qi of the imperial dynasty behind her is about to be cut off, not only did it not help, but there was a big backlash when the dynasty collapsed.

The most important thing is that there are still seven curse powers on her body, forming a curse array, which has been lurking, and I am afraid that even she has not discovered it.

It is too troublesome to solve these problems one by one.

Coupled with Mu Jiuhuang's expression that was a little reluctant, Shi Chen didn't bother to take care of it, and roared away in the chariot.

"Is he really gone, is everything over?"

Mu Jiuhuang watched Shi Chen leave in the chariot, and the last trace of luck in his heart also disappeared.

She was not chosen.

"Father, Jiu'er is ashamed of your expectations."

Mu Jiuhuang's body trembled slightly, and thinking of the Tianlan Emperor in the Great Phoenix City who had high hopes for her, her heart was even more like death.

She is the princess of the ancient country, born with the luck of the holy phoenix qi, there is purple qi steaming, the divine phoenix cries, even if she is repeatedly frustrated, she has always maintained a proud heart.

But now she couldn't help but regret it a little.

If she could let go of her poor self-esteem and take the initiative to show favor to Shi Chen like everyone else, she might be chosen.

Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in this world, and everything cannot be repeated.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 21

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