Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 19

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 19

Above the chariot, Mu Jiuhuang looked at this scene and his heart moved.

A pure-blooded primeval fierce beast, this white jade divine elephant was undoubtedly one of the most supreme Tianjiao in the Great Wilderness.

With him coming forward, you can see if this chaotic body is really as powerful as the legend.

After all, although Shi Chen broke four records, after all, it was not a real battle, and there was no sense of reality that seeing is believing.

"Okay, I'll accept your challenge."

On the high platform, Shi Chenfeng said lightly, changing the emperor's power, but there was a feeling of being as warm as jade.

This temperament made Mu Jiuhuang's eyes shine, and he felt that Shi Chen was not at all like a few months old little brat, more like a cloudy son.


The white jade divine elephant didn't think so much, seeing Shi Chen fighting, he immediately smiled viciously, picked up his giant hooves and smashed towards Shi Chen, hunting the wind, and even the void was directly burst.

"This blow has at least 900,000 jin of strength!"

The position behind Shi Chen, Xiong Qingshan said with a solemn face.

The Earth Violent Bear clan is known for its strength, but he thinks that his strength is not even half of that of the white jade divine elephant, and the gap between the two sides is too big.

"Nine hundred thousand catties?"

Long Yuanjiang and Xi Bo both showed shock.

The physical limit strength of the Blood Moving Realm is 100,000 catties, and even if you use treasure arts, it is shocking to be able to hit 900,000 catties.

This meant that this white jade divine elephant not only had its physical strength close to the limit, but also possessed a powerful primordial treasure.

This is the power of the pure-blooded primeval ferocious beast.

Everyone couldn't help but get nervous in their hearts.

"Half-step Cave Heaven Realm, this white jade divine elephant is indeed very strong, it has reached the limit of the Blood Moving Realm, coupled with the strength of the skill, there should be few opponents in the Blood Moving Realm."

Mu Jiuhuang's eyes flowed, and he thought that he was not the opponent of this white jade divine elephant in the same realm.

"Draw God with qi, form an image with God, raise your hands, the power of a giant elephant... This guy is indeed a good material for cultivating "Divine Elephant Town Prison Gong". "

Shi Chen had a bit of appreciation in his eyes, even in the face of the terrifying blow of the white jade divine elephant, he was still calm.

It wasn't until the fierce attack was close that Shi Chen finally moved.

To be precise, it was Shi Chen's human emperor law that moved, and the imperial dragon turned around, turned into a huge golden palm, clenched into a fist, and crushed towards the white jade divine elephant.

This blow not only stimulated the power of the thirty-six heavenly veins around Shi Chen's body, but also urged the Imperial Dao Dragon Qi to form the Imperial Dao Divine Fist with the Human Emperor Law.

This was the blessing of the divine power of the three Dacheng realms, which made the power of his punch reach an incredible level.

In the next moment, the white jade divine light emitted by the white jade divine elephant shattered instantly, and even the huge elephant body shattered under this divine fist.

Endless qi and blood shot out from the white jade divine elephant, like a mountain of blood exploding, and the whole scene instantly burst into blood and flesh.

As the blood mist dispersed, everyone was startled by the scene in front of them.

I saw that the white jade divine elephant, which was originally more than ten feet tall, had only one elephant head left, and the flesh of the whole body was scattered, like Asura hell.

One punch in seconds!

Everyone could not suppress the endless fear from the depths of their hearts, the fear of the chaotic body.

No one expected that Shi Chen's strength would be so terrifying, and he would kill a pure-blooded primeval ferocious beast with one punch.

That is a pure-blooded primeval fierce beast, the real overlord in the Great Wilderness, who is comparable to a human emperor when he becomes an adult, and died like this.

The void divine sound burst, the chaos stone tablet reappeared, and the golden text exuded a blazing treasure light, full of three lines:

"The initial new record was born, the most singled out, and suppressed the pure-blooded primeval fierce beast White Jade Divine Elephant with one blow!"

"Record Creator, Heavenly Emperor!"

"Reward a piece of bronze fragment."

Another new record?

Everyone was already numb, but they didn't expect Shi Chen to set five records in one day.

However, thinking of Shi Chen's feat, killing a pure-blooded primeval ferocious beast in one blow is completely unheard of, and it is indeed worth a record.

However, before everyone's mood calmed down, the Chaos Stone Stele burst out with brilliant divine light.

The three lines of golden text originally imprinted on it flashed, but they were actually changed into brand new words, accompanied by bursts of divine sound:

"The initial new record was born, the most powerful, punching out 50 million jin of divine power!"

"Record Creator, Heavenly Emperor!"

"A cup of reward power source."

What the?

The most powerful?

Everyone was a little confused when they heard it, hadn't Shi Chen already broken this record before?

But after a closer look, everyone understood.

The record that Shi Chen had broken before was 'Ultimate Strength', a simple physical power, but this time it was blessed with the magic power.

Two records with one punch!

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

There are thousands of ancient years in the Void Heaven Realm, and every record is precipitated by countless tens of thousands of years of Tianjiao, and it is enough to break one of them.

This little Heavenly Emperor was good, not only broke six records in one day, but even hit two records with one punch.

"Not in a million years! Little Heavenly Emperor's feat today has not been found for millions of years. "

Some people sighed and felt that the worldview was about to collapse.

How could the Great Wilderness give birth to such a terrifying genius, it was completely a demon.

Moreover, he said that he wanted to accept the white jade divine elephant as a follower, and in a blink of an eye, he killed people with a punch.

If you don't get it, destroy it, ferocious, too cruel!

"Fang Cai's punch actually has a strength of 50 million catties? No wonder even the pure-blooded white jade divine elephant can't bear it..."

Mu Jiuhuang looked at the corpse of the white jade god elephant lying in a pool of blood, and couldn't help but be horrified in his heart.

As the princess of the Tianlan Ancient Kingdom, she knows a lot more than ordinary people, and although strength is not the whole measure of strength, it is definitely an important standard.

As far as she knew, the primeval relics of the Spirit Realm touched the primordial treasure art with all their strength, and it was difficult to have such divine power.

The body of the Terran is even worse, even if many inscription realm powerhouses, the use of treasure magic powers and inscriptions is worthy of tens of millions of pounds of divine power.

Doesn't this mean that Shi Chen not only has the strength to fight beyond the ranks, but even surpasses the second or even third order?

It's so devilish!

Mu Jiuhuang, who possessed the origin qi of the Holy Phoenix, couldn't help but complain.

Shi Yi was also frightened, and the divine light in his four eyes was dim, and he remembered the powerlessness when he was taken away by Shi Chen a year ago.

This Shi Chen is simply a monster and should not exist in the world.

Shi Yi thought secretly in his heart, and took two steps back.

Even the few people who had already become followers of Shi Chen were all cold.

Long Yuanjiang secretly rejoiced that he had agreed to become a follower without the slightest hesitation before, otherwise he would probably be the one lying down.

The dragon clan has arrogance, but at this moment, Long Yuanjiang is completely convinced by Shi Chen, and does not dare to have a trace of distraction.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 19

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