Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 17

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 17

Shi Chen didn't take care of Shi Yi anymore, but looked at the girl holding the sword, "Now you can go, no one will embarrass you." "

Lin Ruyin was still in a state of confusion, and only after hearing this did she react, and quickly bowed down, "Lin Ruyin, a disciple of the Qingxuan Sword Sect, has seen the Little Heavenly Emperor. "

"Ask the Little Heavenly Emperor to accept me as a follower, I will definitely obey the Little Heavenly Emperor."

"I'll do whatever I do."

She is just naturally dull, plus she is a little afraid of life when she goes out for the first time, but she is not stupid, on the contrary, she is very smart.

From the conversation between Shi Chen and Shi Yi, she had already analyzed Shi Chen's identity.

Everyone around was a little surprised when they heard this, but they didn't expect that this little girl was quite clever at the critical moment.

At the same time, everyone also raised a heart to their throats, and they were not sure whether this stone clan's chaotic body could accept followers.

Shi Chen's spiritual sense was so keen, he immediately noticed that Shi Yi in the rear was a little nervous when Lin Ruyin fell.

This made Shi Chen couldn't help but look at Lin Ruyin a little more, and then laughed, "So that's the case, no wonder Shi Yi wants to choose you as a follower, this sword in your hand is very extraordinary, it should be the inheritance sword of the Qingxuan Sword Sect, right?" "

As soon as these words came out, everyone was in an uproar.

Unexpectedly, Shi Yi took a fancy to Lin Ruyin not because of her qualifications, but because of the ancient sword in her hand.

"I remembered that this Qingxuan Sword Sect used to be a big sect, alongside the Heaven Replenishing Sect and the Western Sect, but it was desolate hundreds of years ago."

One of them shouted loudly, saying the heels of the Qingxuan Sword Sect.

Everyone also reacted, a supreme sect town sword, that is absolutely infinitely valuable, more precious than the ordinary ancient fierce beast bones, no wonder even Shi Yi was moved.

Seeing that Shi Chen saw through his intentions, Shi Yi couldn't help but be even more annoyed, his face turned white and red.

Only then did Lin Ruyin understand everything, her face turned pale with fright, and she said in a trembling voice: "Little Heavenly Emperor Mingjian, this sword is indeed the inheritance divine weapon of the Qingxuan Sword Sect, and it was entrusted to me by the elders for safekeeping. "

Shi Chen said, "It seems that you also carry a lot on you, and even so, I accepted you as a follower." "

After a pause, Shi Chen added: "Don't worry, I won't ask for this Qingxuan Ancient Sword, I have become my follower, and no one dares to rob you of this sword." "

This sentence, with a faint coercion, is a warning, which shocks the hearts of many people with evil thoughts.

But many more were surprised.

The Chaotic Body of the Stone Clan, the Little Heavenly Emperor who broke four records in a day, actually took followers, this is a supreme opportunity.

For a time, all kinds of young handsome people flocked to the scene, and they all proposed themselves to become followers.

Lin Ruyin only reacted at this time, her face was red, and she said excitedly: "Much, thank you master." "

In the chariot, Mu Jiuhuang, who was wearing a nine-phoenix robe and wearing a splendid mountain and river jade robe, moved in his heart, and secretly said in his heart: "This little girl is lucky, and she was taken as a follower by the chaotic body by mistake." "

This also made her a little more proud and unimpressed.

In terms of talent, she possessed the Origin Qi of the Holy Phoenix, which was far superior to Lin Ruyin's Spirit Sword Bone.

In terms of identity, she is the princess of the Tianlan Ancient Kingdom, and although she is down, she is always stronger than Lin Ruyin, a disciple of the Qingxuan Sword Sect.

In terms of inheritance, she bears the complete inheritance of the Tianlan royal family, and she must be stronger than Lin Ruyin.

In terms of beauty and temperament, she is far better than Lin Ruyin, who is only eleven or twelve years old and has not yet grown.

With so many advantages in one, an absolute leader of the younger generation, and being a follower with a grievance identity, she really couldn't think of a reason why Shi Chen didn't choose her.

"If it weren't for the accident that happened to my father, the ancient kingdom was in danger, how could I be like this..."

While thinking, Mu Jiuhuang stepped down from the white jade carriage and resumed his usual pride and dignity.

As expected, the moment she walked out of the chariot, she immediately attracted countless eyes.

Even those Junjie, who were accustomed to seeing all kinds of beautiful women, couldn't help but feel amazing when they saw Mu Jiuhuang at this time.

Mu Jiuhuang stood quietly, his black hair was like a cloud, his roots were light and spiritual, his body was like jade, he was as holy as a divine lotus, his style was peerless, and his face was unique.

She naturally knew the various gazes around her, but she didn't care, she only had Shi Chen in her eyes.

Seeing Shi Chen looking towards this side, Mu Jiuhuang couldn't help but tremble in his heart, and the corners of his subconscious lips rose slightly, posing in what he thought was the most perfect posture.

However, Shi Chen's gaze only swept over, and did not stop on her, but fell on another person not far away.

"Would you like to be my follower?"

Everyone followed Shi Chen's line of sight, and saw that the man was a primeval relic with an ugly face, a single horn on his head, and a fiery red scale armor around his body.

The man didn't seem to expect that Su Chen would choose him, first he was stunned, then he showed a look of ecstasy, ran forward all the way, and ran out of a road.

"Nanli Divine Fire Rhinoceros Clan disciple Xi Bo has seen the Little Heavenly Emperor, and is willing to be a follower of the Little Heavenly Emperor."

"Rhinoceros see master."

Xi Bo knelt in front of Shi Chen very sincerely, and kowtowed three heads firmly.

In the great wilderness, strength is respected, and the gap between man and fierce beast is not large.

Although Xi Bo is a primeval relic Southern Departure Divine Fire Rhino, his talent is average and he is not valued in the clan, so he ran to Beast Hunting City to seek the identity of a follower.

Of course, with his identity, ordinary Tianjiao naturally can't look at it, and the target is those pure-blooded descendants of ancient fierce beasts.

Now it is naturally better to be included in the Chaos Body.

Shi Chen smiled slightly, the reason why he accepted the rhinoceros was because he happened to have a black veined Xuanxi talisman bone in his hand, and he could fully comprehend the bloodline structure of the ancient Xuanxi with his 'anti-heavenly understanding'.

The ancient relic species of the Southern Departure Divine Fire Rhinoceros is nothing, but if it can return to the Taikoo Xuan Rhino, it will be different, and it is expected to impact the realm of the Immortal King.

For the vast majority of those who seek follower status in the Great Wilderness, the realm of princes is the ultimate in their pursuit.

But how did they know that what Shi Chen chose now was his Immortal King team who would fight in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands in the future!

"Southern Departure Divine Fire Rhino?"

Mu Jiuhuang looked at the joyful face, and his heart was very unpleasant.

She obviously felt Shi Chen's gaze, but she didn't expect that what Shi Chen chose was a primeval relic or a strangely ugly primeval relic species.

Could it be that the Chaos Body only wants followers of the Primeval Relic? But he had just accepted Lin Ruyin of the Terran race.

Mu Jiuhuang couldn't understand where he was wrong.


It's not over yet, she still has a chance.

Mu Jiuhuang forced herself to calm down, but she had the origin of the Holy Phoenix, and she was born with the Divine Phoenix Ming River and Mountain, how could she deny herself because of this small setback?

She, not panicking, not panicking at all.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 17

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