Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 14

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 14

The Ping Chaos Sword was full of aura, jumping like a swimming fish in Shi Chen's hands, and finally turned into a green ribbon and wrapped around Shi Chen's wrist.

The rabbit-eared girl watched from the side, and she was shocked many times in her heart, and her eyes were full of small stars when she looked at Shi Chen.

Shi Chen's various actions were beyond her understanding.

In her opinion, even the most powerful patriarch in the clan was not as powerful as Shi Chen.

Shi Chen did not care about the rabbit-eared girl's gaze, turned his palm, and took out the second treasure rewarded by the Void Heaven Realm, a supreme exercise.

This is a huge reward.

Those great teachings that have existed for countless years are basically just one or two supreme exercises, all of which are Zhenjiao divine exercises, and they will not be easily passed on.

This exercise was recorded on a piece of crystal jade, and Shi Chen attached it to his forehead and quickly obtained its contents.

The Imperial Dao Sutra!

This is the name of this supreme exercise, a human emperor cultivation exercise, containing three powerful divine powers.

Imperial Dao Divine Fist!

Imperial Dragon Qi!

The Emperor of Man!

Among them, 'Imperial Dao Dragon Qi' is the most amazing.

It stands to reason that only as the emperor of a country and being believed by hundreds of millions of people can he give birth to the dragon qi of the imperial road.

However, the Imperial Dao Sutra can transform the vitality in the body into the Imperial Dao Dragon Qi, and there is no need for a frontier country, and my place is the imperial land.

And there is also a secret method of using Imperial Dao Dragon Qi in the "Imperial Dao Sutra", which is three points more domineering than the real human emperor exerting Imperial Dao Dragon Qi.

If you can master all these three divine powers, it is enough to become an absolute powerhouse in the wasteland and compete with the emperors of various countries and the Venerables of the ancient race.

With Shi Chen's anti-heavenly understanding, he quickly comprehended this Supreme Technique, and an imperial majesty came from him.

Theoretically, the value of this Imperial Dao Sutra is definitely above the six-leaf sword heart grass.

It's just that Shi Chen's understanding is too against the sky, and he directly deduced the "Calm Chaos Technique", one of the three major sword techniques of the Taikoo Sword Attack, directly from the six-leaf sword heart grass, which is of greater value to him.

"Little Heavenly Emperor, Beast Hunting City is about to arrive."

At this moment, Long Yuanjiang's voice came over.

Shi Chen looked around, and sure enough, at the end of the distant horizon, there was a city standing like the ancient sacred mountain, exuding a vast and ancient aura, like a giant beast crawling on the earth.

"I wonder if Shi Yi is not there?"

Shi Chen muttered softly, and the corners of his mouth curved.

Although the two of them are in the same vein from the Wuwang Mansion, they have never dealt with each other.

Needless to say, Shi Yi hated Shi Chen in his heart since he robbed his creation a year ago.

And Shi Chen also did not have the slightest good impression of him because of what Shi Yi did to Shi Hao in the original work, and always wanted to find an opportunity to knock him.

However, Shi Yi was a smart person, and he had been avoiding him in the palace, but he didn't let Shi Chen seize any opportunities, and at most he grabbed some resources that belonged to Shi Yi.

Therefore, Shi Chen was looking forward to meeting him in the Void Heaven Realm.


Void Realm, Beast Hunting City.

Today is the ten-year beast hunting conference, where the Tianjiao of all races gather to take this opportunity to kill the fierce beasts in the Void Realm.

Although the Void Realm contains countless treasures, there are also great crises, the biggest of which is the self-generated fierce beasts in the Void Heaven Realm.

These ferocious beasts are bred by the power of the rules of the Void Heaven Realm, endlessly, and if they are not cleared out in time, they will form a beast tide and take the initiative to attack the blessed land occupied by all races.

This is also the reason why all major forces have to send a large number of masters to garrison Dongtian Blessed Land, in addition to guarding against other forces, that is, to guard against ferocious beasts.

In fact, these ferocious beasts are the masters of the Void Heaven Realm, and the areas with the strongest aura inside are occupied by powerful ferocious beast lords.

The major forces of the Desolate Domain only occupy the outermost layer, and even so, they have to face the attacks of the peripheral beast kings.

After all, outsiders entering the Void Heaven Realm must abide by the rules of the Void Heaven Realm, and they must suppress the realm in the Blood Moving Realm in the first place.

The fierce beast has no restrictions in this regard, and the powerful beast king is comparable to the powerhouse of the Cave Heaven Realm.

The deepest ferocious beast lord had even reached the level of the Spirit Realm, and even the primeval ferocious beast cubs who had reached the limit of the Blood Moving Realm did not dare to provoke.

Over the years, the tradition of a beast hunting convention held every ten years has been formed.

On this day, all major forces will summon the descendants of the clan with amazing talents to enter the Void Heaven Realm and participate in the Beast Hunting Conference, which is not only to eliminate fierce beasts and eliminate hidden dangers, but also to be regarded as an experience.

Now, the Beast Hunting Conference has become a stage for all races to display their outstanding juniors.

Here, even the cubs of the primeval relics can be seen everywhere, exuding a powerful divine aura one by one, which makes people dare not look at it directly.

One of the most watched Tianjiao is Shi Yi of the Shi Clan.

Those who are born with heavy pupils are either kings or saints!

From the day Shi Yi was born, his name spread throughout the major forces of the Great Wilderness, and he was known as one of the top Tianjiao in the Desolate Domain.

Now that he is four years old, he has set a record shortly after entering the Void Heaven Realm, and now he is going to participate in the Beast Hunting Conference, which is naturally attracting attention.

Stone Clan Territory.

The guards of the Martial King Mansion guarded a young child, each looking proud.

At this time, there was still some time before the start of the Beast Hunting Conference, but many people had already gathered here.

Especially those few clans with supreme Tianjiao, the periphery is crowded with the young generation of major tribes, and they are eager to try one by one.

According to the tradition of Beast Hunting City, the period before the start of the Beast Hunting Conference was the time for the major supreme Tianjiao to select followers.

Although these supreme Tianjiao are still very weak now, as long as they do not fall halfway, they will definitely become invincible powerhouses in the great wilderness in the future.

Those young generations who feel that their talents are not strong enough will take the initiative to climb these supreme Tianjiao and become their followers, hoping to follow the rising tide in the future.

This choice is crucial, once you become a follower, you will not give up, and if the master who follows is too weak, it is tantamount to self-determination.

Therefore, only those Tianjiao who are famous and amazing, or have a noble bloodline, will become the first choice of many young generations.

And Shi Yi is the perfect master in the hearts of many young people who aspire to become followers.

But at this moment, Shi Yi's face was a little ugly.

Because these young people gathered around him and wanted to become his followers were all discussing the Heavenly Emperor who had just set four records in a row, he was very annoyed.

At the same time, he was faintly frightened in his heart.

The four records set by the Heavenly Emperor were too terrifying, making him unattainable, and even more reminding him of a person.

The chaotic body Shichen who had been pressing on his head since he was not yet born.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 14

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