Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 13

All chapter are in Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 13

"That Heavenly Emperor ran to Beast Hunting City?"

Yan Linger rushed over with all his subordinates, and when he heard Shi Chen going to Beast Hunting City, he suddenly pouted, very dissatisfied.

"I can't imagine that the Heavenly Emperor is only a few months old, and he is looking for Shi Guo as soon as he enters the Void Heaven Realm, maybe it's really the chaotic body of Shi Guo."

An old woman beside Yan Linger said with a solemn expression.

She is a Yan Country expert who was specially sent to Yan Ling'er's side to protect, and knows many secrets that are unknown to outsiders.

"The strength of this little Heavenly Emperor has reached 3.6 million catties, and his comprehension is even stronger enough to master the nine primordial treasure arts in an instant, I am afraid that only the Chaotic Body can do it."

The maid who often accompanied Yan Linger also echoed and said.

As soon as the chaotic body came out, it made her feel that everything was reasonable.

Yan Linger's big black eyes turned, stomped her foot sharply, and shouted, "Go!" To go to Beast Hunting City, I have to see this little Heavenly Emperor with my own eyes. "

The goddess of war also stepped on the divine bird again and directed it towards the direction of Beast City.

The Beast Hunting Conference is a stage for the major forces in the wasteland to show their strength, and it is just an opportunity to see if this little Heavenly Emperor is really that against the sky.

"Let's go, let's also go to the Beast Hunting City to see the liveliness!" Where the Little Heavenly Emperor is, it must be very lively. "

Uncle Lingbi exhaled, and suddenly countless happy people followed suit, hugging towards the Beast City.

They all wanted to see what miracles this little Heavenly Emperor could create.


The other side.

Shi Chen sat on the back of the Frost Pterodactyl, idle, and took out the two treasures rewarded by the Void Realm.

The first one is the six-leaf kenshin grass.

I saw that this was a small emerald green grass, about half a foot long, with a total of six leaves, all in the shape of a sword, pieces of crystal, and the surface exuded sharp sword intent.

The rabbit-eared girl flashed her beautiful eyes, and said with some surprise: "It is said that the sword heart grass is a strange heaven and earth spirit grass, with sword intent as nutrients, the stronger the sword intent absorbed, the greater the number of leaves. Common sword heart grass is one leaf and two leaves, three leaves are already rare and valuable as powerful treasures, but six-leaf sword heart grass is unheard of. "

Shi Chen nodded slightly, the Void Heaven Realm was indeed quite generous in rewarding this, and the value of the six-leaf sword heart grass was by no means under the ancient relic talisman bone.

As long as the Sword Heart Grass is refined, it can inherit the sword intent accumulated in the endless years of the Sword Heart Grass, and it is one of the few treasures in heaven and earth that can enhance the sword intent.

In particular, this six-leaf sword heart grass in his hand must have been impregnated with the sword intent of a supreme kendo powerhouse, and it was likely to be something from the upper realm.

For ordinary people, the Sword Heart Grass could only be used to enhance sword intent, but for Shi Chen, he could get more from it.

I saw Shi Chen holding the six-leaf sword heart grass in one hand, caressing its surface with the other, feeling the sword intent aura on its surface, and the next moment his soul was shocked, as if he was pulled into another piece of heaven and earth.

It was an incomparably desolate world, the blood moon was volleying, the earth was full of corpses, and a swordsman with sword intent was fighting bloodily.

He was wearing a white robe with the word 'immortal' engraved on his back, and the rhyme flowed, which looked very extraordinary.

But at this moment, the white robe was stained with blood, it was the blood of a powerful creature, and the majestic life essence condensed into blood, turning into monsters and rushing towards the white-clothed swordsman, tearing and biting.

And the opponent in the face of the white-clothed swordsman is an exotic monster that is thousands of zhang tall, and he destroys the sky and the earth with his moves.

It was a gruesome bloody battle, where a swordsman from the True Immortal Realm actually faced off against the Immortal King of the Exotic Land, and the battle was a draw.

And as time passed, the sword intent of the white-clothed swordsman even became stronger and stronger, surpassing the True Immortal Extreme Realm and reaching the 'Immortal King' level.

"This sword of mine, do not move mountains, do not pour the sea, do not pick stars, do not urge the city, only calm the chaotic world!"

The white-clothed swordsman exhaled like a sword, urging the three-foot Qingfeng in his hand to raise the sky and slash the sword.

This sword, destroying the sun, moon and stars, actually cut off the head of that exotic immortal king alive.

But the white-clothed swordsman also reached the limit, so he maintained the posture of raising his sword and was angry, and he died without falling.

In the desolate battlefield, no one survived, only a small sword heart grass, dancing in the wind, recorded all this.

[You obtained the six-leaf sword heart grass, and by feeling the sword intent in the sword heart grass, you comprehended and obtained the supreme sword art "Calm Chaos Technique"].

Shi Chen let out a light breath, his eyes full of surprise.

Although he guessed that this six-leaf sword heart grass might come from the Upper Realm, he never expected that the sword intent it absorbed turned out to come from that person!

In the Immortal Ancient Era, there was a person who used the body of the True Immortal Extreme Realm to rebel against the immortal king of the foreign land, calm the chaotic world, suppress the dark turmoil, and the world killed the sword he used to the "Secret of Peaceful Chaos".

During the primeval period, "Ping Chaos Recipe" reappeared, using it to compete with the immortal king giant, not falling behind, and was revered as one of the three major sword techniques of the primeval era!

But since the primeval era, "The Secret of Peaceful Chaos" has disappeared again and has never appeared in the world.

Shi Chen restored this primeval top-level sword technique from this six-leaf sword heart grass contaminated with the founder of the "Peaceful Chaos Technique".

"Calm the chaos technique, this sword technique specializes in cultivating the Yuan God, using the Yuan God to transform the sword fetus, the Yuan God sword fetus, all indestructible, everything is broken, and the eternity is broken..."

Shi Chen sensed the sword technique that had been imprinted in the sea of knowledge, and an extremely sharp sword intent spread out from him, shocking the heavens!

Through 'anti-heavenly understanding', he directly comprehended this sword technique to the Dacheng realm, which was comparable to the white-clothed sword immortal who reversed the immortal king of the Exotic Immortal Era in the Immortal Ancient Era.

This sword technique is also worthy of being one of the three major sword techniques of the Taikoo Attack, and its power is far better than the "Chiyan Sword Dao" obtained from the backbone of the Chiyan Sword Dragon, and even surpasses the "Four Spirits Killing Heavenly Array" formed by Shi Chen's fusion of the four divine beast treasures.

Among the many attack methods that Shi Chen currently mastered, he could rank second.

As for that first one, it was naturally the primordial treasure Chaos Divine Light that his Chaos Bone carried.

Although he had already comprehended the "Secret of Calming Chaos", Shi Chen did not intend to absorb the sword intent in the six-leaf sword heart grass.

This is a spirit grass that has survived since the Immortal Ancient Era, witnessed the dark turmoil, passed the last law era, and has already given birth to Shen Yun, which is not an ordinary product in itself, and it is too wasteful to consume as a one-time treasure.

I saw that the power of the runes in his hand flickered, and he shot out a treasure technique towards the six-leaf sword heart grass, which was the "Alchemy Heavenly Divine Art" obtained from the black-veined Xuanxi horn bone.

Catalyzed by this primordial treasure art, the shape of the six-leaf sword heart grass changed visibly with the naked eye, and soon turned into a small emerald green sword half a foot long, the body of which was densely covered with runes, exuding the aura of Sen Han.

"From today onwards, your name - Pingchao Sword."

Shi Chen caressed the sword body like an emperor.

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Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method

Comprehension goes against the sky, I create a chaotic body practice method - Chapter 13

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