All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 5

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 5
Luhai City is a city with a large population. There are many high-level beast masters in it, and they have extremely powerful defense formations.

Because in addition to the crimson monsters, humans also need to guard against violent monsters.

The group of monsters that only know how to kill and destroy, although not as threatening as the crimson monsters, are also very dangerous.

Considering the newcomers who have just awakened, the top management directly set up a leveling secret realm in the center of Luhai City, which is divided into junior, middle and senior levels.

The monsters in it are all hunted from the wild by high-level beast masters and locked up in the secret realm to hone the newcomers.

At the same time, when the newcomers enter, they will be given a backtracking stone. When they encounter unsolvable dangers, they can crush the backtracking stone and teleport out.

It can be said that as long as you don't commit suicide, basically nothing will happen. Compared with hunting monsters in the wild, it is much safer!

And Wen Xiu is going to the leveling secret realm. He plans to improve the level of the son of God as much as possible before the college entrance examination.

Wen Xiu hugged the eight-fold son of God who turned into a fox and got on a taxi to the center of Luhai City.

The driver was a bald uncle who looked to be in his forties, with a hideous scar on his face.

He saw the No. 1 Middle School uniform on Wen Xiu through the rearview mirror, and a hint of doubt flashed in his eyes.

"Young man, I think you have just awakened, right?"

The driver asked.

Wen Xiu gently stroked the Eightfold God in his arms, raised his eyes to glance at the driver, and said lightly:"Yes!"

The driver was even more surprised at this time:"You have a beast pet just after awakening, which is much better than my brat!"

The driver glanced at the Eightfold God and said again


Wen Xiu paused and said


The little fox in his arms cried to Wen Xiu at this time, with a hint of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

Wen Xiu hurriedly continued to stroke the soft body of the Son of God.

The Son of God seemed to be very comfortable being touched!

Wen Xiu smiled secretly.

Seeing this, the driver said no more and drove quietly.

Soon, the car stopped in the center of Luhai City.

Wen Xiu got out of the car holding the Son of God.

When they arrived at the entrance, there were two guards guarding it, and everyone who wanted to enter had to register.

"Wen Xiu?"

A familiar voice came from behind Wen Xiu.

Wen Xiu turned around.

It was Chu Ning'er!

Chu Ning'er looked at Wen Xiu with surprise at this moment. She really didn't expect to meet him here.

Originally, according to her thinking, even if Wen Xiu awakened his SSS talent, it would be unlikely for him to contract a spirit beast so quickly. Moreover, there might not be high-quality spirit beasts in the school's spirit beast secret realm. It all depends on luck.

After all, she knew Wen Xiu's family background very well. He grew up in an orphanage and didn't have a rich family background like herself.

And it was with the help of her family that she was able to upgrade her level to bronze level three shortly after awakening, and also contracted an epic quality frost flame lion. Her starting point was already higher than most freshmen.

This time she came to adapt to the battle and familiarize herself with the skills of her initial beast pet, and upgrade by the way.

Chu Ning'er's eyes flickered, and she walked up to Wen Xiu.

"Is this your initial pet?"

Chu Ning'er glanced at the Eightfold God Child in Wen Xiu's arms with a hint of contempt in her eyes. Even if your awakened talent is better than mine, without resources you will still be trampled under my feet.

Moreover, a fox pet, besides being pretty, is there any other use?

Chu Ning'er was a little proud.

Her Frost Flame Lion's initial level was Black Iron 6, and with its own strong potential, there were few people below Bronze who could beat her Frost Flame Lion.

"It has nothing to do with you!"

Wen Xiu was too lazy to talk nonsense with this woman, and answered her for the sake of classmates.

It happened that the registration was completed at this time, and Wen Xiu immediately walked in with the Eightfold God Son.

Chu Ning'er narrowed her eyes, looking ugly, and still pretending with me?

When the college entrance examination begins, I'll see what you can compare with me!


After entering the hall, Wen Xiu saw a lot of people forming teams.

In addition to some freshmen, there were also many guild members who were looking for suitable candidates to join the guild.

Wen Xiu came to the dungeon selection area, and the lady in charge of reception immediately came up to greet him with a smile.

"My classmate, you want to choose a copy, right?"

"Yes, this is my first time here, can you introduce it to me?"


The young lady nodded with a smile, and then began to introduce Wen Xiu.

"The entire leveling secret realm is divided into three major areas: the novice area, the elite area and the king area"

"Each area has three to five copies, all of which have entry limits. Each person can only enter each copy three times a day."

At this point, the young lady paused and smiled again.

"Classmate, I think you have just awakened. I suggest you choose the novice area, but it all depends on your choice!"

After listening, Wen Xiu looked up at the novice dungeon area.

【Rainbow Valley] Recommended level: Black Iron 1 - Black Iron 3

【[Jungle Stone Nest] Recommended level: Black Iron 3 - Black Iron 6

【[Phantom Forest] Recommended level: Iron 7 - Bronze 1

Is the highest level in the Novice Zone only Bronze 1?

Wen Xiu frowned.

His own Son of God is Bronze 5, so he is not afraid of Silver. It seems that he has to go to the Elite Zone to have a look.

Then Wen Xiu turned and walked towards the Elite Zone.

The receptionist looked at Wen Xiu in confusion.

Is this guy going to the Elite Zone?

Are you kidding?

A newcomer who just awakened goes to the Elite Zone and doesn't even have time to use the Backtracking Stone. Is he looking for death?

"Hey, classmate, that's the elite area, over there..." the young lady shouted hurriedly.

Wen Xiu kept walking and interrupted her:"I know, thank you for reminding me."

The young lady was furious when she saw this. Why didn't this person listen to advice?

At this moment, the little fox in Wen Xiu's arms jumped down and transformed into the gorgeous Son of God.


The Son of God appeared and stretched his waist, showing his perfect figure.

""Fuck, the beast has transformed, this must be a legendary quality beast pet!"

At this time, there were still many people in the hall, and they almost dropped their jaws when they saw the Son of God.

The quality of spirit beasts is divided into seven levels: ordinary, rare, elite, epic, legendary, emperor, and mythical. The higher the quality, the higher the upper limit of the spirit beast.

"Hiss, it’s at least a legendary quality pet, and its appearance and figure are simply amazing!"

"Who is that person? I have never seen him before. Is he a new person who has just awakened?"

People around were talking about it.

The Eightfold God Son approached Wen Xiu, raised his head, stared at him with his purple eyes, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"Little guy, which copy are you going to take me to?"

"Let's go to the elite area, the novice area is too weak and boring!"

Wen Xiu smiled and took Shen Zi's soft and boneless little hand and walked towards the elite area.

Shen Zi first glanced at the hand being held, then looked at Wen Xiu with a smile and asked:"Oh, by the way, little guy, the little girl just now seemed to be hostile to you!"

Wen Xiu smiled and looked disapproving.

"Ignore her, it's fine if she doesn't bother me, but if she insists on trying to make a presence felt here, then I'm sorry!"

The Son of God blinked, a sly look flashed in his eyes:"I think that little girl is pretty, can you be so cruel?"

Wen Xiu said with disdain

"Beautiful? No matter how beautiful she is, can she be as beautiful as my Goddess?"

In Wen Xiu's heart, Goddess is the most beautiful. Although in her previous life, people said that she was a bad fox who would play with people's hearts, there are still a lot of people who often say"I am Yaezao Goddess's dog"!

Yaezao Goddess rolled her eyes charmingly and snorted,"You humans just like to be smooth-talking!"

【Ding! The favorability with Yae Shenzi increased by 2! Currently 62! 】

The favorability increased?

Wen Xiu raised his eyebrows. It seems that he needs to interact with Shenzi more!

I wonder what the effect of 100 favorability will be?

Will it be...

Wen Xiu held Shenzi's hand tightly and quickened his pace.

The receptionist behind him was stunned when she saw Shenzi, and finally came back to her senses at this moment.

The beast is transformed!

It turns out that he is so confident!


The elite area is not on the first floor, but on the second floor.

After Wen Xiu and Yahei Shenzi went up, they looked around and found the entrance to the dungeon.

"Hey, a newcomer dares to come to the elite area?"

"Look at the woman next to him, her ears, that's a magical beast that can transform!"

""Fuck, it's true. I was wondering how a new person would dare to come to the elite area!"

The second floor was mostly populated by graduated seniors, who were also shocked at the moment.

Yae Shinko looked around curiously.

"The elite area is much better than the novice area!"

"Of course, only beastmasters of at least bronze level or above will come to the elite area, and newcomers who have just awakened will only be in the novice area below."

The Son of God turned around and saw a tall woman walking over with an inquiring look in her eyes.

This handsome boy is quite amazing,���The original beast pet is a powerful spirit beast that can transform, and it will be at least legendary in the future.

"My name is Ye Yu. Which middle school are you from, handsome boy?"

Ye Yu stretched out a hand towards Wen Xiu. Wen Xiu turned his head to look at Ye Yu and said calmly:"No. 1 Middle School!"

Ye Yu's eyes lit up:"Really, I also graduated from No. 1 Middle School, so I'm your senior!"

Wen Xiu was also a little surprised and smiled:"Hello, senior, my name is Wen Xiu!"

Ye Yu smiled and said:"Are you preparing to enter the elite area's copy, I'll take you there!"

"Thank you, Senior Sister!"

Wen Xiu followed Ye Yu to the entrance of the dungeon.

"There are four dungeons in the elite zone, namely Demonic Stone City, Dragon's Nest, Original Beast Hall and Ghost Land."

"Of these four, the Land of Ghosts is the most difficult. It is said that there are strange spirits in it, and ordinary physical attacks cannot kill them. Therefore, even high-level beast masters generally do not choose this dungeon."

"I suggest that you choose the Demon Vein Stone City or the Original Beast Palace, these two are relatively simpler."

Ye Yu explained it very thoroughly. Wen Xiu seemed to be thinking about something.

The Land of Ghosts is full of souls?

That must be evil!

Wen Xiu's mouth curled up slightly. His own Son of God has thunder attributes and is specifically responsible for restraining these ghost things. Others can't do anything, but he is beating them like his own son!

What is there to hesitate about?

Wen Xiu immediately said,"Then let's go to the Land of Ghosts!"

Ye Yu thought he had heard it wrong:"Where are you talking about?" Wen Xiu turned his head and glanced at Ye Yu, and repeated,"The Land of Ghosts!"

Ye Yu was shocked:"Are you crazy? I told you that ghost place is poisonous and you can't go there!"

Wen Xiu smiled and said,"It's okay, I have my own plans, senior sister, don't worry."

Ye Yu opened his mouth, but in the end said nothing.

This kid has a legendary quality beast pet, maybe there is a way!

Wen Xiu looked at the copy information

【[Land of the Ghostly] Recommended level: Bronze 6th level - Silver 1st level (teaming is recommended)

It is impossible to team up.

Even a broken bronze copy needs a team.

Wen Xiu clicked the enter button.

Suddenly a vortex appeared and sucked Wen Xiu and the Eightfold God in.


A moment later, Wen Xiu and the other man appeared outside a forest.

At first glance, the forest was shrouded in a dark atmosphere, without a trace of life.

The mountains were extremely silent, without a single breeze, the trees were still, and the chirping of insects had disappeared.

"Is this the place of ghosts?"

""Yes, host!"

Xiao Qi took out an apple from somewhere and answered while eating.

Suddenly, Wen Xiu saw a translucent figure, who came not far in front of him in the blink of an eye, staring at Wen Xiu with empty eyes.

Wen Xiu narrowed his eyes.

【[Name]: Ordinary Soul

【[Attributes]: None

【Level: Bronze 7

【Soul Power]: 480

【Skills: Intimidation, Hide.

My goodness, an ordinary soul can reach Bronze 7, what about the deep ones?

Wen Xiu thought.

"Never mind, Son of God, I’m counting on you!"

The Eightfold Son of God rolled his eyes at Wen Xiu and said,"My good master, please let go of my hand!"

The Eightfold Son of God said as he stretched out his other hand and lightly lifted Wen Xiu’s chin, smiling.

"Or is it that it feels so good to touch that you can't bear to let go?"

Wen Xiu's mouth twitched. He was seen through, but he still said seriously.

"I'm afraid you'll be in danger, so I can save you with my divine power!"

Yaye Shenzi rolled her eyes and was too lazy to speak.

Then she waved her jade hand, and a fox spirit rushed towards the soul not far away, killing it instantly!

Seeing this scene, Wen Xiu was not surprised at all.

Although Shenzi's level was only Bronze 5, first of all, she was of thunder attribute, restraining evil spirits, and secondly, Shenzi's original strength was very strong, so even if she faced a silver level, she could handle it with ease.


The Son of God snorted with disdain, then turned to Wen Xiu and said

"Little guy, don't forget the fried tofu and fried skewers you promised me!"

Wen Xiu laughed and said,"Don't worry!"

Then, Wen Xiu led Yae Shenzi into the forest.

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 5

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