All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 34

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 34
Come to the dungeon hall again

"Congratulations, Wen Xiu, you got the top score in the college entrance examination!"

As soon as she entered the hall, Ye Fei came over with a smile.

"This is the first time I have seen such outrageous college entrance examination scores!"

""Thank you, it was just luck!"

Wen Xiu smiled slightly.

Ye Fei rolled her eyes at Wen Xiu.

He was still lucky, why wasn't he so lucky back then?

This little guy!

"Is there anything else you're here for today?"

"Well, I want to challenge the silver-level promotion secret realm!"

Wen Xiu said

"Please take me there, sister Fei!"

Ye Fei smiled and said,"It's a piece of cake, come with me!"

Soon, Wen Xiu followed Ye Fei to another corner of the first floor. The entrance to the secret realm for silver-level promotion was here.

"Okay, this is it!"

Ye Fei turned around and said with a smile

"It should be easy for you, so I'll get busy now!"


Ye Fei said and turned to leave.

Wen Xiu retracted his gaze and looked at the secret realm information.

【[Elemental Land] Recommended level: Bronze 9th

Elemental Land?

With my current pet, it's too easy to deal with these guys.

Then click to enter.

A familiar passage appeared, and Wen Xiu stepped in.

The Elemental Land is full of various elemental energies and various strange creatures.

As soon as he entered, Wen Xiu encountered the first elemental spirit, which looked like a ball of fire and had facial features.

【Name: Fire Spirit

【Attributes: Fire

【Level: Bronze 9

【Skills: Fire Blast, Fireball

"What a strange little thing! It's really interesting!"

Yae Shenzi crossed his arms and looked at the fire spirit in front of him with interest.

"Let that stupid wolf come!"

Wen Xiu threw out the magic wolf

"It's your turn to show off!"

The Blood Shadow Demon Wolf howled to the sky and killed the Fire Spirit with a casual claw.

The difficulty of advancing to the secret realm is automatically allocated according to one's own strength, but even the highest nightmare difficulty is like a piece of cake for the Demon Wolf.

In less than 3 minutes, Wen Xiu passed the Elemental Land and successfully advanced to the Silver Level Beast Tamer!

"Hey, brat, did you just pass the silver level promotion secret realm?"

Wen Xiu ran into Huang Jun as soon as he came out.

"Yes, it’s simple!"

"Forget it, I won't compete with monsters!"

Huang Jun said expressionlessly.

"You should be going to Tianji College, right?"

Wen Xiu nodded:"I'm going there the day after tomorrow!"

"Which school do you go to?"

"My score is only enough to enter Xuanyue!"

Huang Jun spread his hands and said

"I won't say any more. I have to go find my second pet!"

Huang Jun said and turned to leave.

It was still early, so Wen Xiu planned to go to the dungeon in the King's Zone on the third floor.

After arriving on the third floor, Wen Xiu only saw a few scattered people. They were basically members of some guilds, and they were here just to see if there were any talented freshmen who could be pulled into the guild.

After all, the dungeons in the King's Zone were at least gold-level, and most of the beastmasters at this level had graduated for a year or two, and they rarely came back to challenge the dungeons in the King's Zone.

Most of them would choose to go hunting in the wild, or take on missions from the academy and the guild, as the rewards they would get that way would be better.

Although there seemed to be quite a few gold-level pets during the college entrance examination, in fact, more than 90% of the freshman beastmasters were only at the bronze level, and even the majority were at the black iron level. People like Huang Jun B It is already very powerful for a person to reach the silver level of talent. As for Luo Zijun and Chu Ning'er, they can be called geniuses. Of course, this is without considering Wen Xiu.

"Hey, besides the members of our guild, there are actually people I don’t know coming to challenge in the King’s Zone on the third floor?"

"This guy looks unfamiliar, could he be a freshman?"

After seeing Wen Xiu, someone whispered

"He is the top scorer in the college entrance examination in our Luhai City, Wen Xiu!"

Ye Yu came out from nowhere with a smile on his face.

"Is he the top scorer in the college entrance examination?"

"It turns out that this guy is Wen Xiu! Who would have thought that a new beastmaster would have a platinum-level transformed spirit beast? This is too outrageous!"

""Miss Ye, I wonder if this top scorer in the college entrance examination has joined the guild?" someone asked hurriedly.

"You should ask him personally about this!"

Ye Yu said, and walked to Wen Xiu with a smile:"Junior brother, do you want me to introduce you to the dungeon in the King's Zone?"

Obviously, Ye Yu knew what Wen Xiu was here for!

""Okay, thank you for your help, Senior Sister!"

Wen Xiu said with a smile

"It's just a small matter!"

Ye Yu said with a smile

"Hehe, I have to quickly build a good relationship with a genius like you, otherwise it will be too late later!"

"Senior sister, you don't have to be like this. You have helped me a lot. If there are any difficulties, as long as I can do my best, I will not stand idly by!"

Wen Xiu smiled slightly.

"You said this, Senior Sister, I'll take note of it!"

Ye Yu's eyes lit up, and then he began to introduce the copy.

"There are also three dungeons in the King's Zone, namely Demon Realm, Fantasy Realm, and Serpent God Island!"

The names sound impressive!

Ye Yu paused and continued.

"Among them, the Demon Realm is the most difficult, the Fantasy Realm is relatively simple, and as for the Snake God Island, relatively few people challenge it, and no one has really passed it. Those challengers failed without even seeing the face of the Snake God!"

Wen Xiu was stunned. The whole army was wiped out without even seeing the face of the BOSS?


"You have a platinum-level pet, so these three copies should be no problem."

Ye Yu stopped at the copy selection area.

"Okay, you can choose. I have something else to do, so I’ll leave first!"

Ye Yu said, waved his hand and left.

Wen Xiu looked at the copy information

【Demon Realm] Recommended level: Gold 8 (Team formation recommended)

【Fantasy World] Recommended level: Gold 5

【[Snake God Island] Recommended level: Gold 7th level (unknown danger)

Let's go to the Snake God Island and take a look!

Wen Xiuzhen was about to make a decision when a voice interrupted him.

"My dear classmate, I am the vice president of the Crazy Lion Guild. I wonder if you are interested in joining our guild?"

"Classmates, don’t join his garbage guild. Come to our Hungry Wolf Guild, where you can use the guild’s secret realm at will!"

"You bastard, you said our guild is rubbish, your low-level secret realm is worthless, no one wants it even if it’s given away for free!"

"It’s better than having no secret realm at all!"

"You want to practice, right?"

"Am I afraid of you?"

The two almost got into a fight.

Wen Xiu frowned:"Guys, I've already joined the guild, so don't bother me!"

""Student, can I ask which guild you joined?"

The man from the Crazy Lion Guild asked.

The man from the Hungry Wolf Guild also looked at Wen Xiu.

"The night is not yet long!"

After leaving these three words, Wen Xiu chose the Serpent God Island and entered it.

The night is not yet long!

The two of them were startled and their minds went blank.

The top three super guilds in China!

They actually want to snatch people from such a giant?

They are tired of living!

The two of them hurriedly ran down in shame.

It's so embarrassing.

On the other side, Wen Xiu arrived at the Serpent God Island.


This is a huge island. At a glance, all kinds of snakes are everywhere. People with intensive phobia should not come here!

Wen Xiu looked around. Basically, there are some small snakes of silver 8th and 9th levels. This should be just the outermost part of the Serpent God Island.

"Big idiot, the snakes here are all controlled by the snake god. Don't worry about these little snakes, go directly to the snake god temple!"

Xiao Qi said at this time

"Those who came in before were probably defeated because they were exhausted!"

Wen Xiu understood, released the Blood Shadow Wolf, and jumped onto its back.

"Let's go, go directly to the Snake Temple! Don't worry about these little things!"

The demon wolf accelerated immediately after hearing this and ran towards the Snake Temple!

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 34

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