All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 3

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 3
Wen Xiu regained consciousness and saw a little girl about four or five years old floating in the air.

The little girl had long seaweed-like hair that fell to her waist, and a delicate face like a porcelain doll. She was wearing a little black skirt and barefoot. Her big eyes flickered as she looked at Wen Xiu in front of her timidly.

"" did you get in?"

The little girl in the black dress stepped back and asked again, her voice clear and melodious, with a naive and pure childishness. A strange light flashed in Wen Xiu's cold eyes. Seeing that

Wen Xiu ignored her, the little girl pouted:" say something!"

Wen Xiu smiled and asked softly:"Are you the spirit of the system?"

The little girl nodded her head lightly and said crisply:"Yes!"

As if she felt that Wen Xiu was not very scary, the little girl slowly floated in front of Wen Xiu, widened her eyes, and plucked up the courage:"Are you my host? You look so beautiful!"

Looking at the little girl in front of him, Wen Xiu was a little confused. Does the system have its own consciousness?

Without too much investigation, Wen Xiu's expression relaxed and said again:"Little girl, tell me about your role!"

Hearing Wen Xiu's words, the little girl immediately puffed up her little face and said angrily:"I'm not called little girl, I have a name, you can call me Xiaoqi!"

"Humph! You are so rude to ask people questions, I won’t tell you!"

Wen Xiu narrowed his eyes, a dangerous light flashed in his eyes, and he said expressionlessly:"Say it or not, if you don’t tell me, I will beat your ass to pieces!"


Xiao Qi was so angry that her face turned red. She pointed at Wen Xiu with her little finger and was speechless.

"You are so rude!"

Wen Xiu pretended to take action.

Xiao Qi's face trembled with fear, and she was about to cry. She hurriedly said:"I...I said!"

Wen Xiu stopped and looked at her.

Xiao Qi sniffed her little nose, looked at Wen Xiu tearfully and said:"It's an achievement system. It will issue tasks from time to time. There will be various rewards for completing the tasks, including but not limited to various elixirs, weapons, special spirit beast eggs, skill stones, star coins, energy cubes, etc.!"

"You have completed the awakening mission and can claim your reward!"

Wen Xiu nodded thoughtfully.

"You just said that you completed the awakening mission. When was the mission released?"

Wen Xiu was a little confused. How come he didn't know about the mission.

Xiao Qi wiped her face and said,"Just now, I forgot to say it."

Her voice became smaller and smaller as she spoke.

Wen Xiu's face darkened. This unreliable little girl almost made him lose a lot of money.

Thinking of this, Wen Xiu didn't plan to stay in there any longer. He was going to go out and get the reward and choose a good place to upgrade. After all, there were only a few days left before the college entrance examination.

Seeing this, Xiao Qi hurriedly said,"I... I will send the reward to you right away. You... you can't hit me!"

Wen Xiu snorted,"It won't happen again next time!"

After that, his consciousness returned to his body.

The next moment, the voice of the system rang in his mind.

Of course, it was no longer the cold mechanical female voice, but Xiao Qi's childish voice.

"Host, you have completed the initial awakening mission and received the rewards of the Eightfold Son of God, the highest level energy cube, the Soul Condensing Pill, 2 million star coins, and 50 points!"

Wen Xiu was stunned!

What did he hear?

The Eightfold Son of God?

Was it the Eightfold Son of God he was thinking of?

"Humph! Big bad guy, that's what you think!"

Xiao Qi's arrogant voice sounded.


A pink figure appeared out of thin air in front of Wen Xiu, it was the Eightfold Son of God.

A head of soft pink long hair was tied up at the end of the hair. The fox ears that symbolized her identity as a messenger of God were always hung with earrings inlaid with purple gems. The earring on the right ear was inlaid with her thunder-attributed God's Eye.

She was wearing a miko costume with red and white as the main colors. The same color of the sleeves were separated from the top and fixed on the upper arm as sleeves. The wide black waist knot was tied at the back of the waist, the legs were exposed, and a pair of clogs were worn on the feet.

The Son of God was so gorgeous!

Wen Xiu was stunned!

He liked the Son of God the most in his previous life. He didn't expect that he could get close to the Son of God after crossing. This feeling was simply indescribable.

The Son of God was also a little confused at this time, with a pair of purple eyes full of doubts.

Where is this?

How did I appear here?

"Son of God, this is the Emperor Star, not the Mingshen Grand Shrine!"

Wen Xiu walked up to the Eightfold Son of God and said with a soft smile

"Well, that's what the novels call the other world!"

Upon hearing this, Yae Shinko's eyes were full of shock.

Traveling through time?

A different world?

Then her eyes lit up. Can I also experience the feeling of traveling through a different world?

This should be very interesting!

Seeing the light of excitement in her eyes, Wen Xiu couldn't help but smile. She was indeed the wise and beautiful Yae Shinko.

The first reaction when she learned that she had traveled through a different world was excitement. Most people would be a little uncomfortable to some extent. From some aspects, this personality is also very cute.

Yae Shinko also noticed the handsome boy in front of her again at this time, and a glimmer of interest flashed in her eyes.

She seemed to remember that the little guy just called out her name, and he also knew about the other world. What an interesting little guy!

""Little guy, can you tell me about the situation in this world?"

The soft and charming voice of the Son of God sounded, full of charm.

Wen Xiu pursed his lips and smiled faintly:"Okay!"

Then, Wen Xiu told the Son of God all about the situation in this world.

After hearing this, the Yae Son of God smiled and said:"Haha, it sounds really interesting. It seems that I won't be bored anymore!"

""Son of God, make a contract with me!"

Wen Xiu said sternly.

The Eight-fold Son of God slowly came over, stretched out a green jade finger and gently lifted Wen Xiu's chin, and smiled charmingly:"Contract with me? Little guy, are you serious?"

Wen Xiu looked a little unnatural. After all, no man can withstand the teasing of the Son of God.

"Of course I'm serious!" Upon hearing this, the Son of God looked at Wen Xiu steadily, with a smile still on his lips:"Why should I agree to you? Huh?"

Wen Xiu looked directly into the beautiful eyes of the Son of God, and said seriously:"As much fried tofu and fried skewers as you can!"

After saying this, the Son of God's smile became even more intense.

"Oh, little guy, it seems you know my taste very well!"

"What should I do? It seems that I can't refuse, it's a headache!"

Wen Xiu saw that there was a chance, and hurriedly continued:"Son of God, you can ask me anything in the future, as long as I can do it!"

Yae Shenzi covered his mouth and smiled:"Hehe! Okay, I agree!"

Anyway, she is also very interested in this world, so it's okay to agree to this little guy.

Hearing this, even Wen Xiu, who is indifferent, can't help but get excited.

This is the real start of a god!

Wen Xiu didn't think about it anymore, and stretched out a hand to the Son of God.

The Eightfold Son of God understood, and gently placed his white, tender and smooth jade hand on Wen Xiu's big hand.

Feeling the smoothness of his palm, Wen Xiu's heart was shaken, and he almost couldn't control it. He quickly calmed down, and with a thought, a soul force rushed towards the Eightfold Son of God.

All professionals who have successfully awakened can make a contract with spirit beasts, but most of them have low-level talents and can only choose low-quality spirit beasts to make a contract.

The quality of the Eightfold Son of God is definitely high, but Wen Xiu's talent is also high, so the contract is not difficult. The contract process was very smooth and completed in less than a minute.

Wen Xiu opened his own panel

【Name: Wen Xiu

【Occupation: Beastmaster

【Level]: Black Iron 1

【Soul Power: 800

【Talent: SSS (Godly Power)

【[Beast Pet]: Eightfold Son of God (cannot evolve)

Wen Xiu smiled with satisfaction, this is perfect!

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 3

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