All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 19

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 19
The fourth floor of the dungeon hall is different from the third floor below. There is no dungeon entrance on the fourth floor. The empty hall only has a gorgeously decorated arena.

After Wen Xiu came up, he saw that there were only a few people scattered on the fourth floor.

"Hey, Sister Ye Yu is here!"

Someone recognized Ye Yu. After all, she was a frequent visitor here, and they also knew that Ye Yu was the granddaughter of King Ye.

"Well, these two are going to compete, please come with me to be a witness!"

Ye Yu said.

Xiao Shan, who had just spoken, looked at Wen Xiu and the others with a little curiosity. When he saw Chu Ning'er, he was a little surprised.

"Isn't this the eldest daughter of the Chu family? Is there anyone who dares to challenge her to a fight?"

Xiao Shan said as he looked at Wen Xiu.

"Are you going to challenge Miss Chu to a duel?"

Wen Xiu said calmly.

"She challenged me to a fight!"

Xiao Shan looked strange, but still agreed:"Okay, then Miss Ye and I will be witnesses together!"

Ye Yu turned around:"Okay, you guys go up to the ring!"

"Remember, this is just a competition, so stop when you are satisfied!"

Wen Xiu glanced at Chu Ning'er and took the lead to walk onto the stage. Chu Ning'er followed closely behind him.

At this moment, Xiao Shan walked to Ye Yu and whispered,"Miss Ye, who is this kid?"

Ye Yu smiled slightly,"He, he is a genius!"

Xiao Shan was stunned and looked at Wen Xiu on the stage. He had an upright posture, outstanding temperament, and was quite handsome.

Where did he get the courage to accept Chu Ning'er's challenge?

The Chu family has a rich family background, and they can stack up their levels even with Rubik's Cubes.

But ordinary people can only gain experience by clearing dungeons.

Shaking his head, Xiao Shan looked up at the stage.

Chu Ning'er waved her hand, and a huge and mighty Frost Flame Lion appeared on the stage.


The Frost Flame Lion roared, staring at Wen Xiu with a pair of eyes.

At this moment, he still remembered what Chu Ning'er had said to him at the time. If he faced Wen Xiu again, he could not hesitate to bite him to death.

"Hey, a silver-level Frost Flame Lion, who was able to reach the silver level just a few days after awakening, is worthy of being the princess of the Chu family!"

Xiao Shan in the audience was slightly surprised.

Ye Yu didn't say anything, but stared at Wen Xiu closely.

Come on, let me see your strength!

"It's your turn!"

Chu Ning'er stared at Wen Xiu.

Wen Xiu's mind moved, and suddenly a white light flashed in front of his eyes, and Lu Youyou appeared on the stage.

Looking at the glittering Lu Youyou, everyone widened their eyes.

Chu Ning'er was shocked. It has only been a short time, and this bastard already has a second pet?

Ye Yu was also surprised. She originally wanted to see the strength of the legendary pet, but she didn't expect this kid to play by the rules and directly use another pet.

Xiao Shan widened his eyes. Could it be?

Aurora Phantom Deer?

"Where is your fox?"

Chu Ning'er frowned slightly.

Did this bastard humiliate himself with a broken deer?

"You don't deserve it!"

Wen Xiu said indifferently.

"What did you say?"

Chu Ning'er was furious and pointed at Wen Xiu.

""Stop talking nonsense, are you going to fight or not?"

Wen Xiu was a little impatient. This woman is so talkative. Whoever comes up will fight. Hurry up and finish the fight. I have things to do!

Chu Ning'er took a deep breath and said to the Frost Flame Lion:"Lion, step on that stupid deer."


The Frost Flame Lion roared, rushed towards Lu Youyou, raised its front paws and grabbed the other party fiercely.

Obviously, the Frost Flame Lion was also a little disdainful. How powerful can a deer be? It was too lazy to even use its skills.


Wen Xiu said softly.

Hearing this, Lu Youyou's expression became fierce, and a faint blue light appeared around her.

Extreme speed!

Lu Youyou greatly increased her speed in a short period of time!

Seeing that the sharp claws of the Frost Flame Lion were about to hit Lu Youyou, Lu Youyou dodged.

Chu Ning'er's smile froze. How could this stupid deer be so fast?

"Wow! What a fast speed!"

"It seems that this deer is not simple either!"

Several people in the audience began to admire.

After his attack was dodged, the Frost Flame Lion was stunned for a short time, then quickly reacted and turned to look at Lu Youyou.

This stupid deer is very fast!

The Frost Flame Lion no longer underestimated the opponent. The patterns on his body began to emit a faint light, accumulating energy, and opened his mouth to spray a blue flame at the deer at an extremely fast speed.

However, this speed was not enough in front of Xiao Li who had exerted his extreme speed, and was dodged by the deer again.

Chu Ning'er seemed a little exasperated:"Is all you can do is dodge?"

This damn stupid deer, relying on its fast speed, wants to exhaust the lion's physical strength?

Wen Xiu glanced at Chu Ning'er, and said to Lu Youyou:"Youyou, stop playing, send it down!"

Lu Youyou nodded, and then used a flash attack.

The whole body turned into a dazzling white light, coupled with the extreme speed, the Frost Flame Lion was knocked off the ring without any reaction time.

"Oh shit, that’s awesome, it’s a deer!"

"Yes, precise and elegant, and so powerful!"

Xiao Shan swallowed his saliva, this time he was very sure, this is the Aurora Fantasy Deer!

Good boy, what kind of luck is this?

Lu Youyou walked to the edge of the ring with a proud and elegant step, looking down at the Frost Flame Lion.


Stupid lion!

Chu Ning'er looked at this scene in disbelief.

How is this possible?

I ate a lot of magic cubes to upgrade the Frost Flame Lion to the silver level so quickly, how can this bastard do that?

And this is only his second beast pet!

How strong must his fox be?

Chu Ning'er didn't dare to imagine

"You lost, give me the things!"

Wen Xiu walked up to Chu Ning'er and stretched out his hand, saying indifferently.

Chu Ning'er came back to her senses and turned to look at Wen Xiu, her expression dazed. Once upon a time, she was extremely fascinated by this face, but now...…

"Here you go!"

Since she lost, Chu Ning'er had nothing to say. Just like she said before, how could a princess of the Chu family regret it!

Wen Xiu took the thing and looked at it, then put it into the system space.

"Goodbye, if you have something good next time, you are welcome to come to me for a fight anytime!"

Wen Xiu jumped off the stage, smiled and said to Chu Ning'er, then turned and left!

"This damn bastard, I am so angry!"

Chu Ning'er was full of anger, and then she turned and left.

Xiao Shan hurriedly chased after Wen Xiu.

"Hey, brother, wait a minute!"

Wen Xiu turned his head and looked at Xiao Shan, and said with a smile:"Why, do you want to fight too?"

Xiao Shan's mouth twitched, brat, you are addicted, right?

"No, I have something to ask you, can I have a word with you?"

Wen Xiu looked at Xiao Shan and said with a faint smile,"Sure!"

"Come with me!"

Xiao Shan turned and left.

When he came to a corner, Xiao Shan went straight to the point.

"That deer is the Aurora Deer, right?"

Wen Xiu raised his eyebrows. He didn't expect that this guy actually knew it! But he didn't intend to hide it. Whoever dared to covet it would be killed!


Although he had guessed it a long time ago, Xiao Shan was still a little shocked when he heard Wen Xiu's affirmation.

"It's actually true!"

Wen Xiu looked at Xiao Shan with some amusement:"Why, do you have any ideas?"

Xiao Shan smiled heartily:"Haha, what are you thinking about, brother?"

"I'm just simply curious. The Aurora Deer is extremely rare. I've only heard of it before and only know its general appearance. Today I finally saw a living one!"

This guy is very straightforward!

Wen Xiu smiled:"Now that it's confirmed, if everything is fine, I'll leave first!"

Xiao Shan took out his mobile phone and said with a smile:"Brother, my name is Xiao Shan, add me as a friend, we can discuss when we are free!"

"Is there any benefit?"

Wen Xiu joked

"Hahaha, of course, as long as you can beat me, you can have whatever you want!"

Xiao Shan laughed nonchalantly.

"That's great, my name is Wen Xiu, you can contact me when you are free!"

Wen Xiu agreed to Xiao Shan's friend request, waved his hand, and turned to leave.

Xiao Shan looked at Wen Xiu's back, his eyes flickered, and dialed a number

"Hey, Grandpa, I found the Aurora Deer!"

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 19

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