All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 18

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 18
"Okay, Chu Si, you don't have to go in with me, just wait outside!"

Chu Ning'er said to Chu Si who sent her to the dungeon hall after getting off the car. After

Chu San died, Chu Xiong sent Chu Si to protect Chu Ning'er. Chu Si's strength was more terrifying than Chu San, and he thought he was enough to protect Chu Ning'er.

But Chu Ning'er refused to let him follow, saying that she would take revenge herself, and it had only been a few days, and Wen Xiu must not have improved much.

Even if she was not his opponent now, she should not be too far behind. When her Frost Flame Lion was promoted to Silver, it would be her time for revenge!

That's right, during these few days at home, although she couldn't pass the dungeon to gain experience points, her father was rich, and he directly spent a lot of star coins to buy 10 high-level energy cubes to feed the Frost Flame Lion. The

Frost Flame Lion also successfully advanced to Bronze 7. She only needed to have fun with him a few more times to upgrade the Frost Flame Lion to Silver, and then she would go to find trouble with Wen Xiu.

She seemed to be able to foresee the scene of Wen Xiu crying for his parents after being beaten by her.

Chu Si had no choice but to compromise:"Well...Okay, I'll wait at the door. If you have any instructions, you can call me!"

Chu Ning'er turned around and waved behind her, then walked into the hall.

"Oh my god, Miss Chu is not dead!"

"Keep your voice down, he's not dead yet, but I will be scared to death by you sooner or later!"

"And you see, judging from the aura emitted by that Frost Flame Lion, it seems to have advanced. This is outrageous!"

"He has money, so he probably bought a cube to upgrade it!"

Several people in the lobby on the first floor whispered.

Chu Ning'er strode to the second floor and entered the elite area dungeon.


At the same time, Wen Xiu came to the dungeon hall again and walked straight towards Ye Fei who was working.

Ye Fei, who had just finished receiving someone, turned around and saw Wen Xiu coming over, and immediately joked:"Why, are you here to participate in the dungeon promotion again today?"

Wen Xiu got straight to the point:"Sister Fei, I want to know about the Dark Spirit Organization!"

Dark Spirit?

Ye Fei was shocked, and then covered her mouth and whispered:"How did you know about this organization?"

Dark Spirit Organization, Ye Fei actually hadn't seen the real people of the Dark Spirit Organization, but only heard about it from her grandfather Ye Wang.

But how did Wen Xiu know about it?

"Don't worry about how I know it, just tell me the information about the Dark Spirit!"

Wen Xiu waved his hand.

Ye Fei said in a deep voice:"I also heard about the Dark Spirit from my grandfather. It is said that it is a dark organization that absorbs the souls of spirit beasts to strengthen itself and change its body structure!"

"His whereabouts are erratic and he is extremely cautious. Even Lord Ji Jiuyou is quite troubled by him!"

At this point, Ye Fei looked at Wen Xiu with a strange look on his face:"Don't tell me, you offended them?"

Wen Xiu said lightly:"It wasn't me who offended them!"

Ye Fei breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this guy was not so stubborn, otherwise even his grandfather could not save him!

"They offended me!"

However, Wen Xiu's next sentence almost made Ye Fei bite her tongue.

She said angrily:"Can you finish your words at once? My little heart can't bear it!"

Wen Xiu was a little amused. This sister is really kind-hearted.

It's just that the emperor is not anxious, but the eunuch is anxious!

Ye Fei frowned:"You just said that they offended you. Normally speaking, it is impossible to contact the dark spirit at this stage."

Wen Xiu said casually:"It seems that the people of the dark spirit have successfully sneaked into Luhai City!"

Ye Fei's expression changed:"If this is the case, I have to tell grandpa quickly."

After that, she ran upstairs and turned back to Wen Xiu and said:"Be careful and try not to leave Luhai City. They may have already targeted you!"

Wen Xiu didn't speak.

Oh, I don't know who will be sent next time?

The man named Li Sheng was detained by himself in the Shenwei space and could not be contacted. There should be more powerful people coming to find me soon. I hope the person who comes is not too weak!

""Wen Xiu!"

A voice mixed with anger interrupted Wen Xiu's thoughts. He looked back and saw Chu Ning'er in a white dress walking down from the second floor, with frost on her pretty face.

This damn bastard, I finally ran into him!

You dare to pinch my neck, you probably don't know how to write the word death!

Chu Ning'er couldn't stop her anger when she thought of being threatened by Wen Xiu by pinching her neck.

In fact, the injuries on her body are secondary. The main thing is that she is so embarrassed!

Wen Xiu looked at Chu Ning'er indifferently, and suddenly smiled:"What, are you a pig? You remember to eat but not to be beaten, right?"

"Oh my god, how come these two ruthless guys meet again?"

"Hey, the last time Chu Ning'er was injured she had to rest at home for a few days before she recovered. If she gets knocked unconscious again this time, she probably won't be able to take the college entrance examination!"

"Not necessarily. She is the princess of the Chu family after all. I saw that she just finished the dungeon in the elite zone. That lion is at least bronze-level. It’s hard to say who will win or lose!"

"There's going to be a good show!"

Upon hearing this, Chu Ning'er became even more furious, her expression slightly ferocious, and then she sneered:"Wen Xiu, are you just good at talking? Do you dare to go to the competition arena on the fourth floor with me to have a fight?"

Chu Ning'er knew very well that fighting was not allowed in the dungeon hall, and even she could not break the rules, otherwise she would be going against King Ye.

If you really want to compete, you can go to the special competition arena on the fourth floor.

You can spar with each other, or you can fight to the death!

Wen Xiu chuckled:"If I have that time, I might as well level up. You are too weak, it's a complete waste of time, and there's no benefit in winning against you!"

Wen Xiu saw at a glance that Chu Ning'er was only at the 9th level of Black Iron, and had not yet challenged the promotion trial.

Her Frost Flame Lion was at best bronze, a weakling, a complete waste of his time.

Chu Ning'er was almost mad to death, calling her a waste?

He had been at home for two days and was able to upgrade his initial pet to the 9th level of Bronze in such a short time. You poor guy with no resources, even if you have a strong talent, are you higher than me?

Chu Ning'er took a deep breath, calmed down, and said in a calm voice:"Whether you are a waste or not, you will know after you fight me."

"In addition, if you win, I will give you a dream crystal with thunder attribute!"

Then, Chu Ning'er changed the subject and said with a smile:"If you lose, kneel down and apologize to me, and then slap yourself ten times, do you dare?""

Dream crystal with thunder attribute?

Wen Xiu was calm on the surface, but he was extremely shocked in his heart. What a thing, it can be used by the Son of God to see if he can comprehend a thunder attribute divine skill!

"A dream crystal with thunder attribute?"

"God knows if you are fooling me or not!"

Wen Xiu looked disdainful.

Chu Ning'er said nothing, a blue light flashed in her hand, and she took out a fist-sized blue crystal from the space ring.

"Yes! Do you believe it now?"

"What if you regret it?"

Chu Ning'er was so angry that she vomited blood:"I, the eldest daughter of the Chu family, would regret it?"

"Who knows?"

Wen Xiu said calmly

"How about I be the referee?"

A tall woman came over and said with a smile.

Wen Xiu looked over and found that it was Ye Yu who he hadn't seen for a few days.

"Senior Sister Ye Yu, are you going to be the referee?"

Ye Yu looked at Wen Xiu with sparkling eyes and smiled:"Of course!"

"So you are the genius my little sister mentioned!"

""Little sister?"

Wen Xiu asked in confusion.

"Yes, Ye Fei is my sister!"

Wen Xiu suddenly realized that they were sisters!

"Since Senior Sister Ye Yu is willing to be the referee, that's great!"

Chu Ning'er didn't object, but she still looked at Wen Xiu with some surprise.

This guy actually knew the Ye sisters, and they seemed to have a good relationship!

""Since there is no problem, let's go to the fourth floor!"

Ye Yu said as he walked up the stairs first.

The two followed closely behind.

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 18

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