All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 12

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 12
Luhai City, Chu Family.

At this moment, Chu Ning'er was sitting on the bed in a daze. Ever since she was hit by her servant's pet that day, she has been feeling unwell. She has been resting until now to recover, but her mind is still a little confused.

What happened that day?

At that time, she seemed to be unable to feel Wen Xiu's body, yes, just like air, and then her body was knocked away.

Chu Ning'er knocked her head with her hand.

"Ning'er, are you feeling better?"

At this time, Chu Ning'er's father Chu Xiong came in. When he saw his precious daughter hitting her head with her hands, he thought there was something wrong with her brain, and hurriedly asked with concern.

"Is there something wrong with your brain?"

Chu Ning'er rolled her eyes at her father:"You are the one with a problem in your brain!"

Chu Xiong smiled awkwardly:"Hehe, I'm glad you're okay!"

Chu Xiong was a well-known daughter slave. When he heard that his daughter was hit by the servant's pet, he sent Chu San to heaven that day. He didn't care about the reason, he just cared who hurt his daughter.

Chu Xiong changed the subject and asked:"By the way, Ning'er, what happened on that day?"

"I don’t think Chu San would be so bold as to touch you!"

Chu Ning’er said unhappily,"Don’t worry about it, I will get my revenge myself!"

When Chu Ning’er thought of Wen Xiu daring to pinch her neck, the anger in her heart was hard to calm down. Damn bastard, dare to treat me like that, just wait for me!

From childhood to adulthood, everyone who saw me was respectful and tried their best to please me. When had I ever suffered such a great injustice, and was almost killed by the pet of my own servant!

When Chu Ning’er thought of Chu San, she asked her father,"Old Chu, where is Chu San? Where is he?"

"Oh, are you asking about that guy Chu San?"

Chu Xiong said nonchalantly.

"Who knows? He should have passed away peacefully!"

Chu San:...

Chu Ning'er became even angrier and glared at her father:"Are you sick? I still have something to ask him!"

Chu Xiong shrank his neck and whispered:"How should I know? Who knew he was such a waste? I just let the Thunder Lion touch him lightly!"

Chu Ning'er's face turned black. Lao Deng, you are really brave to say that. Chu San couldn't bear a casual attack from a diamond-level beast pet!

Chu Ning'er shook her head helplessly. He was going to die. There was no way. He still wanted to ask about Chu San's situation at that time!

Chu Xiong looked at Chu Ning'er cautiously, hesitated for a moment, and said:"Well, Ning'er, are you hungry? Do you want your father to get you something to eat?"

Chu Ning'er was indeed a little hungry at this time. She touched her shriveled belly. She had been lying in bed for two days and hadn't eaten anything, so she waved her hand:"I'm a little hungry. Go!"

Chu Xiong immediately said:"Okay, I'll get you something to eat!"

After saying that, he turned and ran out.

Chu Ning'er shook her head helplessly, and then summoned the Frost Flame Lion.

She was completely stunned after Wen Xiu grabbed her neck that day, and she even forgot to summon this thing, otherwise how could Wen Xiu succeed.

The huge and mighty Frost Flame Lion also tilted its head and looked at Chu Ning'er at this moment, and the frost patterns on its body looked particularly beautiful.

Chu Ning'er touched its lion head and said to it:"Lion, next time if you meet Wen Xiu, don't hesitate, bite him to death, do you hear me?"

The Frost Flame Lion nodded.

Chu Ning'er smiled with satisfaction.

""Baby, the food is here!"

At this time, Chu Xiong came in with a large plate of delicious food. The amount looked about the same as what an ordinary person would eat in three days.

Chu Ning'er's mouth twitched:"Are you feeding the pigs?"

Chu Xiong was stunned and explained carefully:"Ah, I thought that you haven't eaten for a few days, baby, so... I made a little more!"

Chu Ning'er's face turned black, she clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and yelled:"Get out!"

The loud voice scared Chu Xiong, a diamond-level beastmaster.

He hurriedly said:"Okay, okay, I'll go out, Ning'er, don't be angry!"

After that, he was about to slip away.

"Wait a minute!"

Chu Xiong turned around suspiciously and looked at Chu Ning'er with a frown.

"Do you want to beat me up? I'm telling you, I'm your father after all, you dare to touch me…"

"Leave the food here!"

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Chu Ning'er.

""Okay! Enjoy your meal!"

Chu Xiong immediately gave a flattering smile, then closed the door and left.

Chu Ning'er shook her head and started eating.

…… the other side

"Are you sure you don't want me to come over and eat for free?"

Huang Jun asked unwillingly.

"Don't even think about it!"

Wen Xiu replied

"Well, the friendship can be overturned at any time, right?"

Huang Jun looked heartbroken.

Wen Xiu looked disdainful:"I don't care whether it capsizes or not, I'm leaving!"

Huang Jun:...

Without paying attention to Huang Jun, Wen Xiu turned around and called a car, got in and left.

On the way, Wen Xiu got off the car and bought a rabbit and two bottles of spirit wine, after all, he had promised the Son of God.

After returning home and putting down the things, Wen Xiu released the Eightfold Son of God and the Aurora Phantom Deer in the space. As for the Fire Demon Wolf, it is better not to release it for the time being, after all, the deer is too hostile to it now.


Yaejinko came out and immediately turned into a human, lying lazily on the sofa, and said with a smile

"It’s still more comfortable at home!"

The little deer looked around curiously after appearing, looking here and smelling there, and seemed to be interested in everything.

Wen Xiu smiled and said,"Little deer, just treat this as your home!"

The little deer opened his mouth

"It said your house is really small!"

Xiao Qi explained hurriedly.

Wen Xiu's face darkened, he was quite honest!

The deer opened his mouth again.

Xiao Qi held back his laughter:"It's not even as big as a toilet in its house!"

Yae Shen Zi covered his mouth:"Hehe!"

Wen Xiu had a blank expression:"Xiao Qi, I asked you to translate, you translate again!"

Xiao Qi:"Huh!"

After that, Wen Xiu went to cook. He had lived alone for so many years and basically cooked by himself, so he thought he was pretty good at cooking.

Yae Shen Zi found that there seemed to be one guy missing at this time, and said:"Hey, where is the spirited guy?"

Wen Xiu answered while cooking:"I didn't let him out, for fear that he would scare the deer."

Fire Demon Wolf:...

The deer blinked and opened his mouth to say something.

Yae Shen Zi laughed at this time:"The deer said it's not afraid!" Wen Xiu turned around and said in surprise:"The son of God can understand the deer's words?"

Yae Shen Zi said as a matter of course:"Of course, little guy, you underestimate me too much!"

Wen Xiu raised his eyebrows and said with a smile:"Then I won't need that unreliable girl Xiao Qi anymore!""

Xiao Qi:"Huh, man!"

Yae Shen Zi gathered his hair and smiled:"Okay!"

Wen Xiu immediately sighed that his Shen Zi was the best!

Xiao Lu walked over slowly and watched Wen Xiu cook seriously.

【Ding! Trigger new task: Successfully contracted the Aurora Phantom Deer! Rewards: 10 top-level energy cubes, 300 points, 5 million star coins, Wood Release (fully mastered)! 】

Wen Xiu paused while cooking. Is there a new task?

Contracting a deer?

Looks like I have to work harder, this Wood Release is still very delicious!

Wen Xiu glanced at the deer and thought.

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 12

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