All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 11

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 11
Xiaolu stopped and looked at Wen Xiu with contempt. Does this person think he is a fool?

Seeing Xiaolu's undisguised contempt, Wen Xiu's mouth twitched.

This little thing is quite smart!

So Wen Xiu had to continue to lie... Uh no, he continued:"Really not going to consider it?"

"In addition to providing food and accommodation, we will also take you to various fun places!"

"After all, you're bored here, right? There's nothing to eat!"

Aurora Phantom Deer shook his head after hearing this. This person was the one his father had told him about. CPU You can do it yourself!


I won't be fooled!

Seeing that the other party was not willing to change his mind,

Wen Xiu immediately said angrily:"Are you going to agree or not? Don't force me to beg you!" Yae Shenzi:...

Xiao Qi:...

Can you be normal? I'm scared!

Only when the beast pet is willing to be contracted can it help the beastmaster wholeheartedly. Forced contracts will not have good results.

Otherwise, Wen Xiu would have taken it to the Shenwei Space and forced a contract. With his SSS Level talent, even mythical quality is not a problem.

The little deer was still unmoved and even planned to leave.

Wen Xiu stopped it and asked again seriously:"What do you want?"

The little deer looked at Wen Xiu and opened his mouth.

Wen Xiu was confused, how could he understand?

At this time, Xiao Qi said:"It said that there is a breath on you that makes it feel uncomfortable!"

Feeling uncomfortable?

Wen Xiu immediately reacted and released the fire wolf.

As soon as the fire wolf appeared, the little deer immediately stepped back, took a fighting posture, and his eyes became sharp.


As a member of the Phantom Deer clan, its perception ability is extraordinary. Others can't see it, but it can tell at a glance that this is a warcraft!

Wen Xiu immediately said:"Don't, we are one of us!"

Then he kicked the fire wolf behind him.

Fire Wolf:...

What did it do wrong?

It was kicked when it came out?

Wen Xiu walked in front of the little deer and said softly:"Little deer, although it is a warcraft, it is definitely not the kind of bloody and brutal monster you imagine, and it only knows how to kill."

The little deer obviously didn't believe it.

Here he comes again, talking nonsense again. Are there any docile monsters?

Wen Xiu thought for a while and said,"How about this, little deer, you follow me first. If I am not lying, then you will be my pet. Otherwise, you can leave at any time. Food and lodging are provided during this period!"

The little deer was actually a little tempted. After all, after sneaking out of the house, he found that the outside world was not so beautiful. He had been hungry for several days and was tired of eating the grass here.

The little deer tilted its head to glance at Wen Xiu, and nodded gently under his gaze.

Wen Xiu smiled. It worked!

What he said for so long was worth it.

The little deer slowly walked in front of Wen Xiu and opened his mouth.

"Xiao Qi, what did it say?"

Xiao Qi was furious:"Why, it has become a translator now?"

""Hurry up, don't waste time!"

Xiao Qi snorted,"It said it wants to eat!"

After that, he ignored Wen Xiu.

Wen Xiu had no choice but to feed it the last Rubik's Cube.

But it was strange, how come this little guy didn't level up after eating three Rubik's Cubes?

He was still Silver 1.

"The ultimate limit of the Phantom Deer Clan is not very high, and they can only reach the Emperor level. The most important thing is that they have a great demand for experience. Your three cubes can only increase it by 70%!"

Xiao Qi explained.

Wen Xiu was a little surprised.

"How come it has mythical quality then?"

It stands to reason that even if a mythical quality beast pet cannot reach god level, it should at least be at emperor level!

"The mythical quality should refer to its rarity. After all, the phantom eyes of the Phantom Deer are a powerful tool for treasure hunting. No hidden treasure can escape their eyes, and the number of Phantom Deer is also very small!"

Xiao Qi curled his lips.

A treasure hunting tool?

Wen Xiu was delighted. This is a good deal!

Then he squatted down and said to the little deer:"Little Deer, I will send you into the Divine Power Space. You are not my pet yet, so you cannot enter the Beast Taming Space!"

Divine Power Space?

The deer tilted its head, where is that place?

Wen Xiu smiled, his right eye flickered, and as a whirlpool appeared, the deer was sucked in in panic.

Wen Xiu's Divine Power Space was not as dark as Tu Ge's, but it had been transformed by the system. Inside was a huge island with abundant spiritual energy. It was a complete world with everything.

The deer was scared at first after entering. Of course it was scared, for fear that this person would eat it.

But soon it discovered that this place was simply heaven!

Not only was there abundant spiritual energy, but there was also everything to eat and drink. It jumped around happily.

At this time, Yae Shenzi smiled and said,"Haha, interesting deer!"

The Fire Demon Wolf shrank its neck. Every time this woman smiled, something bad happened.

It quickly asked its master to send it to the Beast Taming Space.

Wen Xiu did not intend to keep this guy outside all the time.

After sending the Fire Demon Wolf in, Wen Xiu also took the Son of God to the Beast Taming Space to let her rest, and then walked out of the cave.

Soon they arrived at the gathering place.

He was the only one missing.

After joining the team, he felt a pair of eyes staring at him fiercely.

Turning around, he saw Ye Tian looking at him with a gloomy face and an unhappy look.

Wen Xiu smiled at Ye Tian indifferently and turned his head away.

Ye Tian snorted coldly.

Wait for me!

Huang Jun wanted to show off, but when he thought of Wen Xiu's pet that could only transform, he immediately held back his boasting and said,"Brother, how about this one of mine?"

He pointed to the red snake about one meter long beside him.

Wen Xiu looked over

【[Name]: Flame Snake

【Quality: Elite

【Level: Black Iron 4

【Attributes: Fire

【Skills: Fire Tail, Flame Spray

Wen Xiu was a little surprised, an elite quality spirit beast, this kid can���ah!

"It's pretty good, elite quality!"

Huang Jun said sourly:"It's far inferior to yours!"

Wen Xiu smiled noncommittally.

At this time Zhou Li said:"Okay, now that the contract is completed, we are ready to leave!" As soon as the voice fell, a space channel appeared

"Let’s go, I’m a beastmaster now!"

"Alas, I only contracted a common quality horned rabbit!"

"It's okay. You can continue to contract a second beast after your beastmaster level is upgraded."

"It's the only way, it's my fault for having low talent!"

Some were happy and some were sad.

The group left the secret realm of spirit beasts.

Then they took the school bus back to school.

After returning to the class, Zhou Li said,"Everyone, now you have officially become beast tamers. In a few days, you will take the college entrance examination for beast tamers. You don't need to come to school these days. You can choose to level up in the secret realm of dungeons and try to improve your level a bit before the college entrance examination!"

""Teacher, we will miss you!"

A female student said reluctantly.

Zhou Li also felt a little emotional and said with a smile:"Teacher will miss you too, but here the teacher still hopes that you can take good care of yourself in the future. After all, after becoming a beastmaster, you will inevitably have to fight with monsters and even scarlet monsters, so your own safety is the most important. If you lose your life, you will lose everything!"

"Thank you teacher, we will remember it!"

"Okay, let’s all go back!"

"Teacher, let's go!"

After that, everyone left the classroom.

Wen Xiu also stood up and prepared to leave, but Zhou Li stopped him.

"You kid, didn't you contract other spirit beasts in the spirit beast secret realm?"

It is said that S The soul power of the first-level talent is strong enough for a person to contract two spirit beasts when he just awakens. SSS With a talent of level 1, it shouldn't be too much to contract three of them, right?

Wen Xiu smiled slightly:"Guess?"

Zhou Li immediately said unhappily:"Guess your uncle, get out of here, it's an eyesore just to look at you!"

Wen Xiu didn't care, waved his hand:"Then I'm leaving, don't think about me, Lao Deng!"

Then he walked out.

Zhou Li hurriedly shouted:"Stinky boy, remember to tell me if there is any situation!"

Wen Xiu had already disappeared.

Zhou Li shook his head helplessly, not knowing if the bastard heard it!

Then he packed up and left.

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 11

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