All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 10

All chapter are in All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 10
Wen Xiu looked up the information of the Ice Crystal Ape out of curiosity.

【Name: Ice Crystal Ape

【Quality: Elite

【[Attribute]: Ice

【Level]: Black Iron 4

【[Skills]: Ice Palm, Frost Shield, Extreme Cold Field

Evaluation: A spirit beast with good potential, worthy of cultivation for civilians!

Is it an elite quality spirit beast?

Wen Xiu was a little surprised, this kid is lucky! It is much worse than Chu Ning'er's epic quality Frost Flame Lion, but it is also true that the eldest daughter of the Chu family is rich and can indeed get an epic quality spirit beast.

Ye Tian was looking at the Fire Demon Wolf at this time, and he was always a little scared in his heart.

He had a bad premonition, but the arrow was on the string and had to be shot, so he still ordered the attack.

Seeing that the master had given the order, the Ice Crystal Ape steadied his trembling legs, rushed towards the Fire Demon Wolf, raised his hand and slapped the opponent with an Ice Palm.

A trace of disdain flashed in the eyes of the Fire Demon Wolf.

It was too lazy to move for this level of attack, and let the Ice Palm fall on itself.


The Ice Crystal Ape was directly repelled several meters away, with a look of surprise on its face.

"What the hell, he took an ice palm attack head-on and didn’t even move?"

""What level is Wen Xiu's wolf? So outrageous?"

The onlookers were stunned.

At this time, not far away, Zhou Li was looking at the Fire Demon Wolf in the field with a serious expression.

That is, a magic beast?

Why would Wen Xiu contract a magic beast?

That would affect his mind!

Zhou Li slowly approached, he wanted to confirm it again.

The Fire Demon Wolf shook off the ice chips on its body, with a trace of hostility in its eyes, and even stained its own hair, damn it!

Wen Xiu said:"Don't kill it, just teach it a lesson!" The

Eightfold God's Son laughed and said:"Little guy, come on!"

The Fire Demon Wolf turned around and shouted at the God's Son in dissatisfaction.

The Eightfold God's Son raised the corner of his mouth:"Do you have any opinion about me?"

The Fire Demon Wolf shook his head quickly.

Provoking her would have more serious consequences than provoking his master.

Then the Fire Demon Wolf looked at the Ice Crystal Ape with a ferocious face, and had to vent his anger on you. I'm sorry, brother!

Ice Crystal Ape: What did I do wrong?

The Fire Demon Wolf sprinted at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, it came in front of the Ice Crystal Ape and grabbed it with one claw. There was a faint white flame on the wolf claw.

Wolf strike!

Any attack can bring an additional 10% damage! It was too late for the Ice Crystal Ape to dodge, and it was knocked more than ten meters away and couldn't even stand up.

Bronze hitting black iron is like beating his son! Seeing this,

Ye Tian hurried over to check on the Ice Crystal Ape. Wen

Xiu came over at this time and said with a smile,"Do you want to continue?"

Ye Tian's expression froze, and he was very angry:"You ask knowingly!"

Wen Xiu wanted to say something, at this time Zhou Li came over from behind with a frown.

Just now he wanted to secretly observe Wen Xiu's wolf-like spirit beast to see if it was a demon beast, but the Fire Demon Wolf did not use any skills, and just a simple normal attack solved the Ice Crystal Ape.

This made him doubt whether he had made a wrong judgment, as there are indeed some spirit beasts that look very much like demon beasts.

Wen Xiu turned around and saw that Lao Deng had run away.

He blurted out:"Lao Deng, why are you back?"

He regretted it as soon as he finished speaking.

Zhou Li's face turned black, this brat!

"I heard some noise over here so I came to check it out. Also, your wolf, is it a monster?"

Zhou Li pulled Wen Xiu aside and stared at him.

However, Wen Xiu had no intention of hiding it and simply nodded and admitted,"Yes, what's wrong?"

Hearing this, Zhou Li became angry,"What's wrong? Don't you know what a monster represents?"

This brat, does he want to piss him off to death?

"I know, but I am determined, don't worry!"

Wen Xiu smiled.

"The last contracted monster said the same thing. Now the grass on your grave is taller than you!"

Zhou Li said expressionlessly.

Wen Xiu's mouth twitched. This old Deng really likes to meddle in other people's business!

"Don't worry, teacher, I know what's going on. If there's any problem, I'll let you know!"

Zhou Li sighed helplessly, knowing that it was impossible to persuade Wen Xiu to give up the beast. He could only pray that this guy was really capable.

"Forget it, as long as you are happy!"

Zhou Li said and ignored him. He came to Ye Tian, looked at the ice crystal ape, and said:"It's nothing serious, just a minor injury. It will be fine after a rest!"

Ye Tian thanked Zhou Li after hearing this

"Okay, those who have already contracted with the initial pet can get familiar with their pet first. We will go back after everyone has completed the contract. Remember, everyone has only one chance to enter the Spirit Beast Secret Realm, so cherish it!"

Zhou Li said to everyone

"Wen Xiu, I have to go find my own pet quickly, so I don’t want to chat with you anymore!"

"Don't you need me to accompany you?"

"No, I want to do it myself."

Huang Jun said and turned to leave.

The Eightfold Son of God suddenly grabbed Wen Xiu's hand and walked in one direction.

Wen Xiu was a little confused:"What's wrong, Son of God?"

The Eightfold Son of God said softly:"There is a special little guy in that direction!"

After that, he smiled at Wen Xiu.

Looking at the smile of the Son of God, Wen Xiu's heart was moved. The smile of his own Son of God was too seductive.

Coming back to his senses, Wen Xiu asked curiously:"A special little guy?"

The Son of God smiled and explained:"You will know after you pass by!"

After a while, the Eightfold Son of God took Wen Xiu to the entrance of a cave.

Wen Xiu looked around and became more curious. Is there anything here?

The Eightfold Son of God rolled his eyes at Wen Xiu and reminded him:"Little master, you should let Xiaoqi try to find the hidden spirit beast!"

Wen Xiu understood that the Son of God meant that there was a special spirit beast here that could hide, but its hiding method was very advanced, and it could not be seen by ordinary detection methods.

"Humph! You still have to rely on me, Princess Xiaoqi!"

At this time, the arrogant and crybaby Xiaoqi jumped out, looking very proud.

"" Ah!"

The next second, she was held in the arms of the Son of God and kneaded all over, which scared her so much that she screamed repeatedly.

Xiao Qi quickly struggled to break free from her restraints and hid in Wen Xiu's consciousness, never daring to come out again.

Wen Xiu was speechless:"Xiao Qi, check for hidden spirit beasts nearby!"

Xiao Qi took a breath and snorted:"People have already scanned it. It's in the cave, but don't be too impatient, it will scare it. You can use the energy cube to lure it."

Wen Xiu had a headache when he heard it. Where did he get the cube? The previous cubes were all eaten by the Son of God.

Suddenly, Wen Xiu remembered that the points store seemed to be able to exchange it, so he clicked on the points store, and sure enough, he found the energy cube at the bottom.

【[Highest Energy Cube]: 50 points for

50 points!

Without hesitation, Wen Zheng had 150 points, so he exchanged for three directly and took them in his hand, then pulled Shen Zi and walked into the cave quietly.

"Oh, you only said it was in the cave, but I can’t see it either!"

Wen Xiu reacted.

"Don't panic, I'll let you see it!"

Xiao Qi waved his hand towards Wen Xiu's eyes, and Wen Xiu immediately saw the special spirit beast.

It was a small deer emitting white light all over its body. Except for its blue eyes, its whole body was snow-white. At the moment, it seemed a little confused. Why did it feel that the human in front of it had discovered it?

It shouldn't be, right?

Even my parents couldn't find it because of my hiding, so I could sneak out to play. If I was discovered and caught, I would be too unlucky!

The white deer didn't dare to move. It was afraid that if it moved, it would touch something and make a sound, which would make it easier to be discovered.

Wen Xiu walked to a distance in front of the deer and checked the deer's information.

【[Name]: Aurora Phantom Deer (cannot evolve)

【Quality: Myth

【[Attributes]: Light, Space

【Level]: Silver 1

【[Skills]: Stealth, Particle Beam, Illusion Eyes, Extreme Speed, Flash Impact, Holy Light Body Protection, Air Shuttle

Wen Xiu was stunned. Wow, this little thing is really powerful!

It must be taken away.

Then he handed it a Rubik's Cube in his hand. The

Aurora Phantom Deer was shocked. This human can really see him. What should he do? Should he knock him away?

Then he immediately rejected it. No, no, my parents told me that I must maintain the elegance of a lady and not be too rude.

But looking at the Rubik's Cube handed over by Wen Xiu, the little deer couldn't help it.

Oh my God!

What is this?

It smells so good!

When the little deer slowly approached Wen Xiu to make sure there would be no danger, he rolled up his little tongue and rolled the imitation into his stomach.

Suddenly his eyes lit up. It tastes so good!

The sapphire-like eyes stared at Wen Xiu again, as if asking if there were any more.

Wen Xiu smiled and handed over another Rubik's Cube. With the experience once, the little deer was no longer afraid the second time and walked over to eat boldly.

Wen Xiu smiled and said,"Little guy, do you want to eat more?"

The little deer nodded without hesitation, innocent and cute.

Wen Xiu tempted him again,"Little deer, make a contract with me. After the contract, you will have more magic cubes to eat!"

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God

All people taming beasts, starting with the contract of the Eightfold Son of God - Chapter 10

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